By: Ann Marie Servito

We are constant worriers of today. People are anxious because of anticipation of danger. Even some Christians failed to achieve the maximum potential in their lives because they’re always defeated by their fears. Anxiety ruins us. It ruins the situation, twists one’s confidence and makes everything worse than it actually is.
This week’s Youth Church discussed the topic The God Who Calms Fears, emphasizing the common fears of today’s generation and what does the Bible say to defeat it.
One illustration of fear in the Bible is the story of Saul, David and Goliath.
The Israelites feared the Goliath because he seemed to be invincible. They thought that their future depends on their own abilities and they didn’t trust God for deliverance.

We are preoccupied of our own fears, so much that we obliviously forestall God’s peace to enter our lives. We failed to acknowledge that God is bigger than our problems and only Him should be trusted for deliverance.
God’s remedy for our own fears may appear unfavorable to us the way David was unfavorable for Saul. Our Deliverer may present to answers that we think wouldn’t work.

To defeat our fears, we have to combat against it and God will equip us the way he equipped David. Saul gave David armor, spears, swords and helmet but David put them off him. He gathered the Stones and he looked to the Lord. David went to the battle with confidence because he went to battle with God as the source of his strength.
Goliath lost to the Lord because he relies in his own ability, he thought he was unbeatable and because he was on the wrong side. Goliath lost to the Lord.
On the other hand, David won with the Lord because he trusted God, he knows he was beatable without Him, and because he was on God’s side.

God did not simply give the victory to the Israelites; he required them to win the victory. He expects the same from us.