By: Ann Marie Servito

Skeletons are remains of the living, hence it gives us the idea of Death. Skeletons are what we see after a creature, once living, become lifeless. It symbolizes death, the end of hope, and end of restoration.

This week’s emphasis was about the death experiences. As young as we are, there are still moments in our life when we feel dead as a pile of bones and everything feels hopeless. In our individual cells, many stories about feeling hopeless and dead were imparted.

In Ezekiel 36: 26-27, it was stated that God alone knows if the bones can live again. If we allow Him, He can breathe life in our disparity. He will renew our life and spirit and will give us a new heart.

We are all dead because of our sins but God makes us alive in Christ. When we have Christ in our hearts, the pile of bones can come back to life through faith! We are made alive in Christ so that we might do good things for His glory.