By: Ann Marie Servito

Last January 31’s Youth Service was packed with a congregation of different bondages. Among these young hearts are unspoken addiction and strongholds that are in need to be crushed. This week’s emphasis was about the God who Reigns and the perilous pull of false idols.

The world’s influence has put the youth on a wavering position. Ungodly trends are demanding for attention, laying like traps on our daily pathways. Yes, the crowd is a multitude and popular but being in the majority doesn’t mean we are in the best footing. It is important to know where the crowd is going before we fit in.

We are surrounded by idols in different forms in our present lives. Exodus 32 is a classic biblical representation of Idol Worship. However, the modern Idol Worship isn’t about Golden Calves anymore. Our Golden Calves could be our job, boyfriends, barkadas, studies or even the popular things we are hooked into. When we put more time on these things than in our God, we worship them unconsciously. This fallacy will consume us and we will never realize the deception until we lay on our deathbeds.

We have an instinctive tendency, to look at men instead of God. Our chance to look on the Creation instead of the Creator is undeniably high. We begin now to manufacture the Golden Calves in our lives. This may incline us away from our ministry and it will not be long until we serve this gods.

To avoid the Golden Calves, we have to give our lives to Jesus. Christians must find somebody to look out for our back. To restore our relationship with God, we need to confess, repent and allow correction to take effect in our lives.

We are made to worship. If we don’t give our breath back to the One who gave it, we may give it away to other gods.