Much has happened in the previous week…God is truly doing a work in our church…upon our people. What better way to express our gratitude, but to testify! Just some BTW…many more to come…keep tuned in!

I have always considered myself a nobody.’ I grew up in a family with an alcoholic and abusive father. Growing up, my life was so chaotic, there was so much fear within me, and anger directed toward my father. I developed an inferiority complex in my younger years as a result of this. But, Jesus came into my life at some point, and I became faithful in church, as well as service.

But somehow even as a Christian I still had struggles I could not seem to overcome. Much as I prayed, and did what was right, still the flesh seemed to get the better of me.

During the camp, I felt the presence of God and he moved my heart, during the second day as I was prayed over, and I sensed the powerful touch of the Holy Spirit and I began to speak in another tongue. It was then that I heard God speak to me to read Psalm 91. I was weeping non-stop and my body started to shake uncontrollably, this lasted for quiet some time.

The following day, at the altar, I caught a vision of heaven. The walls were as high as the sky, inside are many mansions, and people populated this place. They wore white robes, and their face glowed, they seemed to be rejoicing continuosly. Then I heard a voice speak “I’m coming soon.” In response I said, “Yes, Lord,” as tears fell from my eyes.

Now, I want to simply live for God, till one day my Lord would say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” To God be the glory!

Before attending the camp, they say I’ m a ‘seeker.’ I look for ways to be closer to God, yet my reasons for doing this was all rational and earthly. Yet, because of many things happening in my life, I decided to give value to my spiritual life.

During the first day of camp, I saw people with bibles that looked as if they were frequently used. I asked myself “Am I really in the right place? I only started reading the bible last April. But as I continued to listen to Pas. James I felt God continually opening my heart, I felt chosen. My desire for the Lord intensified as the days went on. On the 3rd day I woke up and told myself, “When you leave this place, your life will never be the same again.” At the altar, I haven’t even closed my eyes when my tears started to flow. When I closed my eyes all I can think of is to praise and worship Him. That was when I felt my feet and mouth shaking. My heart tells me “Open your mouth.” I followed and I realized than I am speaking in tongues.

Afternoon came and I had my water baptism. I felt God wanted me to do it without hesitations. Later in the Evening Service Pastor James singled me out, and told me “Your heart is genuine. You will become a leader. I don’t know when or where or how. Open your eyes!”

After the service, I went to Pas. James to thank him for his wonderful messages. He asked me “What are you going to do now?” and I replied “I go back to my church in Dingle and I will join the Women’s Ministry, and build a church in Gutao.

Last Sunday, I shared my testimony in our church. That was the first time I stood and spoke in front of many people to talk about how great God is. I’ m a totally changed person. My husband and I pray together. I think of God every second of the day. I’ m not ashamed to tell the world that God loves and saves. He brings great favor to those who sincerely and truly desire for Him and humble themselves before Him. This is only the beginning and God has more marvels to bestow on us.

I remember vividly how God put into remembrance many things I had done in the past. I felt overwhelming guilt come upon me, and I prayed ‘Lord forgive me, set me free from my previous sins.” It was then that I saw a figure clothed in dazzling white, whose face I could not describe. He gave me a candle to hold. At the same time, I saw him break like glass, chains I was attached to. He asked me to stand, and led me towards a gleaming straight path. As we walked together, I just felt the purity that comes from knowing Christ. I felt the love and peace of God, and I knew He had just given me new life.

I was so ministered on the 3rd day on the session when Pas. James said many among the youth would begin to experience an Open Heaven.

I never understood what it meant, when at the altar i heard the voice of God speak directly to my heart ‘stop mourning, it’s time for you to arise and rejoice.’ It was then that I saw a bright light behind my eyes which were shut, and then I was standing before a majestic gate, with someone whose face was full of white light. He ushered me into this gate, and spoke to me “Rejoice!Rejoice!Rejoice!” I saw a multitude of people gathering full of praises and worship. I also saw just beside the pillars of the campsite a lampstand whose fire was burning along with the worship. I’ m so truly blessed to have seen this vision. I know there is so much more God has in store for us, and much more that God wants to do through the youth!

This year’s camp was one of the best! God can really use people in a special way. It was awesome! It was the long awaited revival!

Personally, God made His way and spoke, “My son, what you’re doing now is just the tip of the iceberg.” I realized at that moment there are still more that God expects me to do, if only I allow Hi to have His way in my life. I confessed that for such a long time I never took God seriously. But this rebuke from Him came with love and compassion. He reminded me never to forsake truth and mercy.

I’ m truly blessed, and I don’t want to just keep this revival to myself. This revival is contagious, a new level of passion, a new tongue, giftings He has given to us all. He changed my desire, and all I want to do now is accomplish His will, I know He’s not done with us yet!

This camp has been the most powerful experience in my whole life. I’ m looking forward to what will happen after the camp. I thank God that I simply followed what Pas. James preached, I rebuilt my altar and my prayer life since then has become the best part of my life. I can hear His voice and direction clearly, and His power and peace rules my heart.

A day before the camp I met an accident which had half of my face swollen and blue. I had fears that I couldn’t join the camp, my occupation compounding my then accident. I thank God for His favor that I was able to come and receive from Him. I experienced healing in my inner man, revived by His Spirit. And the best part was by the third day, my previously swollen face was miraculously transformed, all wounds were healed, all evidence of my accident was gone. I give all glory and honor to our creator!

If you really desire something in your heart, the Lord knows how to fulfill that desire.

When I first asked permission from our head to go off for 3 days to attend a revival camp, she told me pointblank that I was only allowed to be absent for one day. Though I felt that I would surely miss those two days, I had the faith that God would do something greater during the last day.

And God met my expectations, not only mine but also those who were waiting for more fire. Seeing the hand of God pouring down fire on each person and hearing His voice declaring His ultimate promises did an extraordinary thing in my life. It birthed new fire, new hope, new motivation, new direction, new courage and definitely new wisdom and anointing.

I want to give all the glory to Him who never fails to extend His love, mercy and compassion to me.


Every day of that camp was Spirit-filled.I know it wasn’t just Pastor Singh. It was God speaking to my soul in every service. I may not able to testify SUPER Supernatural visions. No oceans that part. Just trembling hands.
No angelic visitations. Just God holding my heart.
That’s as precious as any testimony.For me, The Holy Spirit’s presence alone is awestruck.My own powerful God filling me with fire that I end up weeping, lying on
the floor and speaking heavenly syllables is bizarrely extreme.

On the lowest moment of my life, I was baptized by the Holy Spirit last February.That was one of the most indescribable moment of my existence.As my personal needs arise, I started to ask God to fufill it. I demanded a lot. But I forgot to ask for that one thing I needed the most– the Holy Spirit.

It was weeks later when I realized the gift faltered.
On the Camp, I was refilled. After that, I treated the Holy Spirit like a drug. I just want more and more and all of God. I told Him I want to be this intimate with Him forever. That was when I fully decided to take the step of Water Baptism.

It did not happen with the Spirit of God descending like a dove or with a voice ringing from heaven but I know inside me that Jesus above was smiling down at me. And I know to myself that I did right for following Jesus. And yes, there’s no turning back.