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Evangel Tabernacle | August 18, 2019

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Spiritual Emphasis Week with Rev. James Singh

Spiritual Emphasis Week with Rev. James Singh

| On 13, Sep 2018

By: Ann Marie Servito

The people gathered in the first day of Spiritual Emphasis with an expectant heart but with cold feet, knowing that the Holy Spirit may randomly speak to some through Rev. James Singh, a prophet of God. Despite the hesitations, many have joined this year’s 3-day annual Spiritual Emphasis in Evangel Tabernacle.

Known for his accurate fearless prophecies and zeal in evangelism, Rev. James Singh is back in ETab to minister to the people and to be the Lord’s proclaimer of His will. He is, once again, the speaker of special spiritual emphasis week but, this time with new revelations for the body of Christ.

*The Preparation* (Day 1)

Rev. Singh touched a very eye-opening yet unpredictable topic in the first night of the spiritual emphasis week. While the church is waiting for a message about anointing, power, and fire, he preached about Esther’s preparation before becoming the queen.

Esther submitted to a whole year-round beautification process in obedience to Shaashgaz and Hegai to become the next queen. For her, it would take 6 months of bathing in myrrh and another 6 months of bathing in perfume. (Esther 2:12-17) As for the church, the soon-to-be bride of Christ, the process of preparation isn’t year-long but life-long.

Our life has four seasons namely the Spring (Spiritual Refreshment), Summer (a time of fruitfulness), Autumn (Personal Quietness), and Winter (Dealings of God). Summers can be longer than autumns, and winters can be longer than springs, but nonetheless, the seasons is to prepare us for the coming of Christ, our bridegroom.

“If we do not respond to God during a certain season, then we will miss out on the experience of the move of God,”

Rev. James Singh concluded.

The move of the Holy Spirit is undeniably strong in our midst, especially during the altar call while the anointing of God falls upon each of us, leaving most of us slain and overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.

*The Rock of Rephidim* (Day 2)

A fascinating revelation unfolded on the second day of Spiritual Emphasis: God is giving ETab “stability”, may it be in spiritual growth, finances, or other aspects of the church. Together with Rev. Singh, the church prayed in faith for God’s will to be fulfilled in ETab.

God gave the Israelites water from the rock not just once but twice. He gave them water through the rock at Rephidim and Kadesh, yet they still murmur against Moses and Aaron in unbelief (Exodus 17:1-7, Numbers 20:7-12). The Israelites in the wilderness are our reflection, forgetful about our past victories and how God delivered us from our Egypts and how he parted our Red Seas. Despite all, the Lord is merciful, and He manifests his omnipresence by going before us and at the same time, with us.

“History repeats itself because no one was listening the first time,” Rev. Singh says when he stressed that not only the first generation complained against their leaders, but the succeeding generation too. “Despite the complains, God provided for them; a picture of God’s love and mercy.”

The second day of the spiritual emphasis ended with a Word for the youth of the church, that the Lord will raise up young people to be mighty ministers of ETab, accomplishing the Lord’s will for the church.

*Can Two Walk Together Except They Agreed?* (Day 3)

The Lord can only do mighty things in our lives if we agree to walk with Him and it is a deliberate choice to do so. The importance of agreeing with the Lord is illustrated through Zechariah and Mary’s life. Zechariah walked in obedience to God, but he became mute when he didn’t agree with the angel’s word about his wife giving birth to a son. (Luke 1:5-20) The same angel went to Mary, saying she will conceive through the Holy Spirit and she agreed, thus the fulfillment of what was spoken to her (Luke 1:38)

Agreeing to walk with God turns our weakness to strength, our helplessness to hopefulness, fear to courage, immaturity to maturity, and patience to self-control. Agreeing with the Lord and walking faithfully with him to transform lives and turn us into what God wants us to be. Indeed, it takes explicit obedience for God to do a work in us.

The preaching of the word was followed by an altar call opened to pray for the sick and barren women of the church. Coming to the altar is a gesture faith, but each was laid hands for healing to take place.

Many lives were reignited and blessed in the overall span of the Spiritual Emphasis. We can’t deny the power of the presence of the Holy Spirit that descends on us when we need Him the most! Truly, ETab is led to greater heights and God uses great prophets like Rev. Singh to proclaim God’s will for the church. We celebrate the marvellous things that are yet to come to our church with thankful and hopeful hearts!

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