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Evangel Tabernacle | August 7, 2020

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Spiritual Emphasis 2015 with Pas. Ian Peters

Spiritual Emphasis 2015 with Pas. Ian Peters

| On 13, Oct 2015

Oct. 1-3, 2015

Initially , we thought it would just be another event in our yearly calendar … as we have been doing this more than 20 years now. But, God had something up his sleeve … something much , much more !

It still amazes how God would bring two ‘unsuspecting’ parties … to bring about an aftermath of revival. Surely, even Pas. Ian Peters himself would attest to that. But, unknowingly, he would be mightily used to ignite and prepare us for things far greater than we can ever comprehend. It was a surprise bonus, that he serenaded us with songs … well, if his Ipod hadn’t act up that is. And how he would stop mid sentence to zero in on selected individuals to speak comfort, direction and encouragement … with a majority indeed taken by surprise, how he knew their birthdays and wedding anniversary! Which was a first for him … and for all of us actually!

A surge of Holy Spirit fire, engulfed us that first night as we offered up our lives as a continual burnt offering unto the Lord. Carefully clearing out the old ashes to bring about fresh fire. It definitely was a re-baptism for most, as we submerged ourselves in His Spirit. We are not to rely on past revivals , or the glory hey days… we press in for the ‘Newness’ which was imparted upon us … and it was just the beginning!

Prophetically, Pas. Ian would stir our hearts once again with a holy theme. Such is the anointing, exemplified by Elijah and Elisha; and learning a bit from both, we decipher that there is a price to pay for the anointing, and it is only vested upon those who have stayed the course. Yet, as Pas. Ian profoundly concluded the anointing is for a breakthrough … BUT, it is not for us to live in the breakthrough, but to move on to greater things!


Time to wake up – God is raising up a prophetic people moving in Godly revelation!

Time to be Biblically Literate!

Time for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Time to move beyond the clergy!

The set time is come for the end time harvest. And God is calling E-tab to be His end time harvesters! Such was the prophecy for our church … shall we take our stand?

Truly, it was the awakening, we have long desired for … and our hearts cry … LORD HERE I AM, SEND ME!

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