A few years ago, some leaders from Living Sanctuary Brethren Church, Singapore (LSBC) came to our church at Iloilo City and mentioned about the ministry called SOZO. That was the first time I heard about such ministry and my curiosity was aroused.

In year 2017, my good friend from LSBC, Pastor Ruth, introduced me the book, SOZO by Dawna De Silva and Teresa Liebscher. I read up the entire book and used the principles taught there to “SOZO” myself over one trauma of my life that happened many years ago. That trauma was the sudden death of my father while I was serving God in the mission field. Since the sudden death of my father in my absence, I was having constant nightmare about him for about 14 years. Even though I am a missionary serving and pastoring actively in the Philippines, there was this dent in my soul. My memory was haunted with guilt and shame over my failure to save my father from hell.

As I was reading the book on SOZO, I learned that one of the tools of SOZO is called “Presenting Jesus”. This tool is used to bring healing in individual’s lives when the SOZOOEE (the one going through SOZO session) has a traumatic memory of the past. As I began to implement this tool upon myself, I was shocked at how powerful it was to set me free from such long bondage. In this process of “Presenting Jesus”, I was able to see Jesus and the Father’s presence during that traumatic event. The downloads from the Father and Jesus came to me. In other words, I heard voices of the Father and Jesus which exchanged truths for all the lies which I had believed about myself, about the Father and Jesus which I had formed in my mind as a result of such trauma. From that one SOZO session conducted upon me by myself, I was totally set free from guilt. I remember crying tons of tears in my prayer closet while I “SOZO” myself. Due to the fact that I have personally tested the tools of SOZO on myself and experienced subsequent personal breakthrough, I then had the confidence to share it and teach it to all my church leaders during the SCHOOL FOR CHRISTIAN GROWTH class in 2017. From the day I SOZO myself over the trauma of the sudden death of my dad, I never had any nightmares about him since then.

What is SOZO?
It is the Greek word for SALVATION which means “saved, healed and delivered”.

SOZO has a holistic implication. Many Christians have understood “being saved” as securing their place in Heaven. Sadly, these very Christ-followers often experience constant defeat during their time on Earth. Something is missing.

In SOZO, tools are being used by the PRACTITIONERS on SOZOEE to experience Heaven’s freedom in EVERY AREA of their lives – soul, spirit and body.

In SOZO, we receive:
• PRACTICAL TOOLS to deepen our relationship with the Triune God – Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

• VICTORY STRATEGIES to help us disarm lies, break harmful patterns, shift spiritual atmospheres and access the often-unreached realms of abundant life promised by Jesus.

• KEYS TO EXPERIENCE INNER HEALING by breaking addictions, overcoming obstacles and walking in sustained deliverance.

I not only SOZO myself over my past trauma due to the sudden death of my dad, I also was being “SOZO” by one of the LSBC leaders, Bro KK. The spiritual and emotional wounds that I sustained in year 2012 from the bitter break from my sending church were healed as a result of that SOZO session conducted by Bro K.K. Glory be to God!

After I taught SOZO to all my leaders at ETAB last year, I felt the need to incorporate SOZO as one of the official ministries at ETAB. So, on 21 June 2018, SOZO was launched as a weekly ministry to any one from our church who needs deliverance or inner healing. Every Thursday, Pastor Toh Nee and I will conduct SOZO to many individuals who want this holistic healing. So far, 14 SOZOEE were “SOZO” and the following are their testimonies about their breakthroughs.


What does Sozo mean? Sozo means opening my eyes and my ears for something positive and good.

Ptr. Carlyn approached me if I was willing to undergo Sozo with Pastor Lily? I agreed with her and I was the very first on the list.

In my life I have many personal issues…, and those issues caused a block in my spiritual relationship with God. Many times I couldn’t feel His presence during praise and worship and in my alone time or devo. I lost the intimacy that I used to have with God. And it has been a while that I didn’t hear from Him.

But thank God for Pas. Lily for spending time in doing Sozo session with me. Those issues were dealt with and I renounced them in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Now I’m embracing the forgiveness of the Father God. I came to the Father because Jesus led me to Him.

Now I’m happy. I’ve been set free from the bondages.. No more wall between God and Me because of the power of Jesus Christ.. He broke down that wall..! I can now freely enjoy His presence.
Even that very night, after I had sozo with Ps. Lily, I could hear God prompting me to do something, which I gladly obeyed, and that really gave me more liberty..

With all of these wonderful experiences, I give God the glory….So if you have any issue in your life? Come and see Ptr. Lily for SOZO and I guarantee you, you will see transformation in your spiritual life…


Before, I was struggling in my devotional life. Even though I have been a Christian for quite a while, I couldn’t understand what I was reading in the Bible, I didn’t know what RHEMA was all about and I couldn’t pray. So I became stagnant in my spiritual growth.

My friends gave me different advices on how to do my devo, but nothing happened. Then one day, Pastor Carlyn opened up about Sozo with Pastor Lily. She asked me If I was willing to do it. With no hesitation, I immediately answered “Yes Pastor ‘But can we do it next week?’” .

After the Prophetic Activation I was shocked because Pastor Carlyn told me that I was already scheduled for SOZO. Then Thursday came, my heart beat so fast and I didn’t know what was going to happen, but then I told myself, “BREAKTHROUGH is coming.”

During the session I knew at that very moment God was really going to do something within my soul. Pas. Lily gave me prophetic pictures that relates to my situation, closing doors of my past and many more. Now I feel the Love of God, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and now I see and know who I am and my significance in the Lord,.

I’m very thankful to Pas. Lily, because through the Sozo, I experienced the breakthrough, I was amazed by God’s touch and the promises He has given me. Now I am experiencing the wonderful presence of God in my devo time, I can already relate now with the Scripture verses I’m reading.

So if you are struggling with something; if you have a heavy heart; if you are in bondage – I encourage you to do SOZO. GOD is WAITING Set a Date


My Sozo experience was quite personal so I cannot discuss much about it. But what I can truly testify is regarding the “double-edged sword” which is represented by the Bible that Pastor Lily and I declared. It is a weapon given by God.

It was Thursday when I went for Sozo. Then on SATURDAY, I invited three grade 9 students from Jaro Notional High School to the Youth Church. While worshipping, I was standing behind them and I was filled by the Holy Spirit. My right hand was swinging back and forth as I was closing my eyes, I felt like I was holding a sword. I asked God why and what was that. Then He gave me a vision/download about the kids in front of me, especially the three grade 9 students that I invited. I saw that there was a chain binding them. So I used the Sword to break their chains. Then we prayed for them during our small group and tears started to flow from their eyes because they were touched.


Sozo has been a good and relieving experience. At first, I had been struggling with bondages. I couldn’t do my daily routine well because of the lies in my mind. But now I stand and feel being forgiven and set free by the grace of God. I thank God that through Sozo, the things that I have been grudging and suffering have been lifted up.


I’ve been set free from my bondages. It’s like a big burden in my inner self has been cast out. I’m following what Pastor Lily has prescribed for me. From the session, the promises I received are constantly appearing in my thoughts and made me feel secure and not to be afraid anymore.


To be honest, I was a little reluctant of the idea of being a Sozee because I was trying to preserve a facade of someone who’s doing ‘just okay”. Long before the SoZo session, I expected a few things because I thought I have fully understood what SoZo is, through SCG class with Pas Lily.

But I didn’t expect that the 1 hr session would bring healing and breakthrough in my struggling relationship with God. We were able to identify curses and bondages in my life.

God also gave me visions and prophetic downloads through Pastor Lily and I can go back and read all of it again, (thanks to Pastor Toh Nee who recorded everything) Also on my way home I realized that the pain in my upper back was gone, I felt like I could breathe well and a burden has been lifted up.

I thank God that through SoZo, wrong doors were shut and a new door of faith is now open. The battle will go on-for sure, but I now know that I have to lift up my armor and fight using the word of God. Thanks to Jesus, the author of this Salvation, for setting me free.

Thank you, Pastor Lily and Pastor Toh nee and I pray that more people will experience breakthrough, healing and freedom from bondage through the ministry of SoZo.


Glory be to God for such powerful and effective tools to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to the soul, spirit and body of all these individuals. As the body of Christ at ETAB experience more of this holistic healing, I believe and pray that the Holy Spirit will raise up more effective mighty men and women. No more dents and damages in our souls but total liberty and healing for those called by His name!!!