REVOLVE FRIDAY @ Tabuc Suba, Jaro
May 17, 2013

Once again, Hearts On Fire…kicked off its first ever REVOLVE to the community, since transferring to Tabuc Suba!

As such, E_tab once again made the mark in giving school bags to the indigent students around the Tabuc Suba vicinity. Prior to this, Pas. Tohnee Lim, by faith initiated the Revolve fund for the community, expecting P50, 000 to be raised from the 3 services. But lo and behold, such was not the case … as a total of P97, 102.50 was raised as the general majority gave heartily to the Revolve fund. Thus, enabling the distribution of 1, 418 bags to the community!

Our Revolve outreach was truly well received, with a lot of positive feedback from the community even as we conducted the customary rounds of survey prior to distribution. It is truly amazing what a simple gesture of goodwill could bring about, and this is what Revolve stands for. The most simplest acts of benevolent giving would nonetheless bless us, as we experience firsthand the smiles radiating on faces. It is at these moments when the simplest of THANK YOU’s would definitely make our day!

Again, E_tab would leave a mark upon the many needy youth of Tabuc Suba, Jaro – and that in itself is our purpose and vision!