Living Springs, Dumangas
May 14 – 16, 2014

True to our theme “Revive Us,” it was just what GOD did…and much more…so much more!

Accustomed to the usual organized retreats of the past, and anticipating the same for this year (no pun intended), God in all His sovereignty would turn our spiritual world upside down…to move in another dimension…which was HIS dimension. So he sent a man…the right man!

Pas. James Singh
Truth be told, we, in our limited view of things thought we knew what to expect (being seasoned, good campers that we were). But God seemingly had another agenda up his sleeves!

Pas. James, mightily used by the spirit, would peel through many layers of our hearts and minds, either through prophecy, word of knowledge, preaching. It is seldom that you encounter one so attuned to the mind of God, whose eyes and ears are opened to the supernatural…surpassing borders beyond the natural realm. Truly, how God uses ‘earthen vessels’ such as these as instruments for His glory!

Seemingly, this was every of our hearts’ cry…REVIVAL. It was a deep groan from within, a longing for that fiery passion that once engulfed us, to once more arise from the prison of SELF, into His glorious presence! His spirit, power & majesty lifted us up out of that mire…as we soared unto heavenly heights…with eyes, ears, hearts opened…HALLELUJAH, GOD IS GREAT!