By: Pastor Edgar & Pastor Rowena Elic

Aron sour sdei everyone! Greetings from Cambodia. First and fore most we just want to thank God for His goodness throughout our 2 months’ mission trip in Cambodia. We just want to thank Pastor Toh Nee and Pastor Lily for sending us there. Thank you Pastor for your trust, support and guidance while we were there.

We have a wonderful mission trip in Cambodia. I remember a month before our trip that was June 9, God spoke to me through these words in Ephesians 3:20, “I (God) will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you ask or think. Because you honor me, My blessings will chase you down and overtake you. You will be in the right place at the right time. People will go out of their way to be good to you. You are surrounded by My favor.” It is such an encouragement. A day before we left, we received an encouraging word from Bro. Robert. God told him that God was opening a way for us in Cambodia, we will experience the goodness of God while staying there. And God truly fulfilled all those promises. Praise God for His goodness.

We thank God for His grace in keeping us safe. He granted us good health, provided all our needs throughout the 2 months’ trip.

Our entire trip in Cambodia specifically in Kampong Speu was focused on ministering in churches namely the Kandoldom Assembly of God and Mohasaing Church. At the same time in various schools namely the Seeds of Life and Seeds of Hope School.

The first activity we were involved in was teaching in the Seeds of Life School and English tutorials. I was teaching 6 classes a day and 3 classes for Pastor Edgar. We taught Tuesday to Friday except Monday our rest day. For the pre-school group, we taught them children songs, played games and did arts and crafts with them to teach them about God’s love for them. It was very tiring, but overall we enjoyed

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We also held teachers training for them where we taught them various techniques in teaching such as arts and crafts, and above all motivate them to be a good teachers and how their life could give an impact to their students.

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Apart from English tutorials, we also conducted an English camp at Seeds of life where young people were encouraged to speak and understand English through singing, word of God and games.

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Every Saturday and other days Pastor Edgar was involved in Music. He conducted music trainings, give some motivation to musicians. (Picture) And I was involved in teaching the teenagers with the Word of God.

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During Sundays we alternated in preaching the Word of God with Cambodians interpreters, Bro. Curly, Vuthey and Sambo. The first 3 weeks we ministered at Kandoldom church (Pictures). We are so blessed by Pastor Sovann and his family, they were so kind to us together with his assistant pastor, Pastor Sophon and family.

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Every morning Pastor Edgar and Pastor Sovan would do house visitation to different villages, reaching out to the village people and sharing the love of Jesus with them and at the same time conducting cell group once a week.

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However, on the fourth week we ministered to FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) an orphanage for the orphans and poor children from the village. They have at least 100 plus children taken cared by Bro. Sanny and Sis. Kim. Their aim was not only to relieve them from poverty but to direct their souls to Christ. When we attended there we felt the strong presence of God. Sis. Kim told me the prophecy over Philippines. Philippines is named after apostles “Philiph” means “Evangelist”. She told me that Philippines will no longer be known to be a maid sending nation, but evangelist sending nation. She told me that we entered at the right time as 2018 would be a year were Cambodia will experience fruitfulness.

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On the sixth to eight week  of our stay in Cambodia, from Kandoldom church we ministered at Mohasaing, where we also taught their preschool students and conducted English tutorials. (Picture) However, every Tuesday and Saturday we taught and ministered to children in Rolous, which is a 30 minute drives from Mohasaing. We taught them songs, Bible stories and played games.

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The children were just overjoyed when they saw us bringing some curls. It was such a heart-warming and heart-wrenching scene, seeing how the children were playing amongst the rubbish piles. This brought so much perspective into our lives as to how fortunate Filipinos are, and how there are so many people out there who need God.

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Every afternoon, we also have visitations and cell group among the nearby villages.

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We also conducted Youth service, women’s meeting and training for Sunday School teachers. We alternately preached on Sundays with a Cambodian interpreter, Bro. Sambo.

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Although we had a hectic schedule we didn’t feel tired at all. In fact, we were blessed and rewarded because of the people’s warm welcome and hospitality. We are deeply touched by their generosity and treats.

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Traveling to Cambodia has expanded our view of God’s power and love for people. As Filipinos, we cannot relieve them from their present struggles but our goal was to direct souls to Christ through sharing the good news with non-believers in Cambodia. Sharing the gospel is a commission given to all Christians.

“The impact this trip had on us will last a lifetime”. We saw God’s Spirit moving in a country crippled by genocide, poverty, suffering and corruption. It gave us a deeper understanding of his grace and the life changing power of the gospel. We also witnessed the sense of hope, joy and peace the Khmer believers have in spite of their trials. They encouraged us, served us, loved us and called us their brothers and sisters.

“Personally, God used the Cambodia trip to give us vision for our ministry, and endurance in our faith and service for God”. Because of that “we want to be sent out as missionaries to Cambodia”. We have a new perspective on John 15:17, where Jesus says “My Father is working until now, and I am working.”  What a privilege to work alongside such a good God, as he seeks and saves the lost around the world, and gives abundant life to those who ask!”

Overall, the trip was amazing, seeing how God can move through us to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Many great friendships have been formed, and relationships were strengthened through this mission trip, but most importantly, we all learnt that if we are willing and obedient to God’s calling, He can and will use us to do so much great things in His name.

We are so grateful to our Pastors for giving us this opportunity to serve. Also, grateful to Pastor Kala and all the Cambodian’s pastors, leaders and teachers namely,


Pastor Kala 




Pastor Sovan and family




Pastor Sophon and family




Pastor Samnang and family



Bro Curly and Somalie



Bro Vuthey and Chantey



Bro Vuthey Moses and wife




Bro Phinoun and wife



Sis Ny



Teacher Sok Neourn and all the teachers



Picture83 Picture84They are our new friends out there. 


Although our experience cannot be captured by just words, I believe that God will continue to move and do so much through this ministry, and even in every single one of our lives. Thank you Pastor Toh Nee and Pastor Lily. Thank you Evangelites for your prayer and support. We give all the glory and honor to God!