By: Ann Marie Servito

We are able to witness some expressive moments of bliss in last Friday’s HOF acquaintance party. We bade temporary goodbye to the untrifling mood of the previous HOF services and conversed, laughed, meditated, danced and jammed albeit the differences of each in that night of fellowship with God on top of it all.

On the prime of the evening, Youth Director explained to us the perks of being ordinary and how the extraordinary that is lurking inside you may come out of it. It is awe-inspiring how God hid His Son’s conceiver in an ordinary girl of the Nazareth. Mary, so young and simple, isn’t even mentioned in the Scriptures to be mesmerizing or someone who enjoyed a queue of suitors wherever she goes, yet she became more than the Webster’s definition of extraordinary when God used her. Surely, realization dawns in the hearts of each in the congregation.

The mood shifted to a festive one when the dancer’s started to dandle and dance with in the congregation with the beat of music. Few hesitated to move with the lead dancers but as seeing the other teens got out of their comfort zone and move along. The rest of night was animatedly spent with each region having fun exercising fellowship to its most social extent. There were games and merrymaking where everyone put on smiles as they get to know each other. In one instant of gaiety in all its brevity, we were united.