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Evangel Tabernacle | January 23, 2020

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Operation Relief: Typhoon Yolanda Victims

Operation Relief: Typhoon Yolanda Victims

| On 12, Nov 2013

The strongest tropical cyclone in the history of mankind, entered Philippine shores last Friday Nov. 8, 2013. Making landfall in many regions along its path of destruction, packing wind speeds of up to 315 km/h. Prior to this, PAGASA raised Public Storm warning signal #4, cancelling classes and offices at all levels. The Philippines braced itself for the worst, helpless against the onslaught of this calamity.

…at 11:30 am (Nov 8, 2013), ‘Yolanda’ (international code name: HAIYAN) made its presence felt, bearing heavy gusts of winds coupled with heavy, torrential rains in the afternoon. Silent prayers of divine protection were whispered throughout the day. Only stilled by His word and faith that if He would bring us to it…He would bring us through it.

At 8:00 pm the storm did abate and communications resumed. With much elation and thanksgiving to God, we rejoiced at how God preserved Iloilo City. Upon inspection of our church premises at Tabuc Suba, all were in its proper order…untouched by the storm. However, news coming in from other areas of Panay gave us a grim picture of Yolanda’s destruction. In the wake of this storm, many were left homeless, without food, water and clothing days after the calamity. Despite early warnings weeks prior to the fact, no one was prepared for the wrath of nature itself.

In the stillness of the night post-‘Yolanda’ all were in awe at how God spared us…’no calamity shall befall thee.’But the grim reality was beginning to sink in as well.

E_TAB TO THE RESCUE…Nov. 10. 2013
Sunday services went on as per usual. However, all were much aware of the massive rehabilitation our already struggling nation was facing. It was at this time, that Pas. Tohnee and Pas. Lily posed this challenge…we were preserved and blessed at such a time as this, that we may be a blessing to others in their need. Without much ado, Operation Relief: Typhoon Yolanda was put into motion. As a church, all gave heartily out of their abundance both young and old alike…we were united for a cause. That very day over P100,000 worth of supplies were purchased, packed and ready to go in no time!

Wasting no time at all, hearing about the dire needs in the Northern Panay Area, our team of 60 over evangelites alongside Pas. Tohnee and Pas. Lily went on a convoy of faith, praying that God would lead us to the right place, And lead us He did.

We cannot put into words, the physical destruction that befell Northern Panay in the aftermath of the typhoon. It was as if nature vented all its fury in one single act. Ajuy being one among the hardest hit was our destination for that day. Nonetheless, their gratitude was most evident of our glad tidings, majority were in appreciation of how swift E_tab was in providing relief…even for but a moment. In the light of the political blame game besieging our present government, we set aside every of our issues realizing time is of the essence. 370 packs; inclusive of water, food, clothing, toilet supplies and other goodies were distributed…but still the need is far greater than what relief we could offer.

It is our utmost prayer, that we look beyond ourselves at such a time as this. To have a heart for those in desperate need. As such, E_tab will venture by faith in the following days and weeks to be a blessing to those direly in need. Though the storm has passed, now is the time where we are needed the most. Yoke with us brothers and sisters in Christ…your prayers and helps make the difference!

Kudos to our selfless evangelites, who called a time off from studies and work! You guys rock!

Much appreciation to our ‘ON THE GO’ pastors; Pastor Tohnee & Pas. Lily, your zeal for God’s house is tremendous! And our ‘Jollibee’ reward for a job well done was definitely Superb!

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