Jan. 29, 2014
Loguingot, Estancia

Operation R & R (Repair & Restorate) to Loguingot, Estancia kicked off this year – as part of E_tab’s ongoing efforts in the relief work for Estancia.

As such, Pas. Carlos Barcelona, Pas. Ephraim Lujan along with Pas. Carlyn Barcelona made the trip back to Estancia in preparation for ‘R & R.’

First up, was the rehabilitation of a damaged NEW LIFE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, which was badly destroyed by last year’s typhoon. Pas. Roger Piolo, in the succeeding months constructed a makeshift sanctuary as a temporary structure for their church, which used to be semi-concrete. They were grateful for the timely help, as God would answer their prayers through us. They assisted the team in the purchasing of materials for the construction; Galvanized iron sheet, Cement, Hollow Blocks, Bamboo etc., as well as ferry the supplies across the island with numerous trips. Still their spirits were high, considering the way God engineered the construction of the church. The islanders, both young and old proved helpful as well, assisting in unloading the materials. It was this church that provided them refuge at the height of the typhoon the islanders reminisced. But life goes on…

Uppermost on our agenda was to help in the restoration of livelihood as well. Since Loguingot was a fishing village, the village officials referred us to a boat maker who was willing to take our orders…along with free delivery to boot!

…and this was just the beginning of Phase 2 of our continuing relief work at Estancia

Keep you posted!