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Evangel Tabernacle | December 6, 2021

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Operation R & R: 2 – Estancia

Operation R & R: 2 – Estancia

| On 04, Apr 2014

Operation R & R had it’s second run last April 2, 2014 @ Loguingot, Estancia with our chief mate on board, none other than Pas. Tohnee who just came back from a much needed break. Nonetheless, despite the near heatwave, we were warmly received by our dear Loguingotans,’ who have fast become dear friends through this endeavor.

It was such joy to see, the previous batch of pumpboats…otherwise known as Garys,’ already bypassing the coast for catch, or for ferrying passengers to and from the island. Still, rehabilitation is ongoing, and very much dependent on Non Government Organizations to assist. From the coast, army tents sent in by the Canadian Navy, still served as temporary shelters for many displaced by Yolanda.’ Thus, life goes on in this island. And just to give them the time of the day…to bless them with new pumpboats, clothings, medicines, and goodies for the kids, prayers…made all the difference…they were not alone.

Looking back they shared stories of that tragic day; an infant left behind as the seas swelled, to be found alive the following day covered in mud and debris. Skeletal frames of what used to be homes, built through the years…but gone in a day. Lives that were lost. One could see through the sadness in their stories, though often narrated comically. Life just goes on…and Compassion’ is the greatest gift we could extend.

Much thanks, to all our unsung heroes: Revival Christian Church Hong Kong for your generous donation in the construction of four pump boats. Many were literally in tears during the dedication ceremony. Our dear evangelites, who came together to donate clothing, much needed medicines, and kiddie bags! You guys’ rocked their day!

And lastly, many thanks as well from our Loguingotans’ ; Caneso family, Diaz family, Gallardo family, and Sis. Felisita Retirado who literally shed tears of gratitude, all recipients of the pumpboats…and Pas. Roger Piolo, our partner in Christ, who has a new church structure with a toilet to boast…a rarity in this forsaken island. To all of you, they give their utmost and heartfelt…THANKS!


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