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Evangel Tabernacle | August 7, 2020

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Men’s Encounter Testimony

Men’s Encounter Testimony



God is so good to my life. Actually a few weeks prior to the encounter, my wife and I had a terrible fight. It was so bad, that she was about to leave me after the Sunday service. I prayed to God in desperation, and God touched her, and we reconciled after the service. It was one of the ways that God revealed His faithfulness upon my life.


I attended the Encounter last Holy Week; however, this retreat had much more impact to me personally. When the Holy Spirit was ministering at the altar, I have never cried that much in my life, but as the tears came again and again, I just felt the Holy Spirit filling me to overflowing!





I was first filled in the Holy Spirit during the 1995 – 1996 revival in Evangel Iloilo. However, in the years that followed, I lost that touch. I can say, I allowed the world to take that away from me. I replaced it, with the many temporal things of life. But, during this Encounter God would take me back to Himself. I just stood at the altar, and wept again and again. I’ am so glad that the Holy Spirit filled me once more, just as before. I just wanted more of His touch, and that is definitely what I experienced at the Encounter. I know I will be a different person when I step out of this venue!





During the Encounter, I learned to let go the hate, and forgive the people who have gravely sinned against me. Now I know my purpose in life, God specifically told me that I was not a mistake, and that He has a plan for me. In this retreat, I received the Gift of Wisdom from God, and I just want to use it for His Glory!


God free me from all guilt, and I’ am completely healed. The world and my sins broke me into many pieces. However, in this Encounter I felt God pick up the broken pieces of my life to make me whole again!





This Encounter totally revolutionized my life. Just as the praise and worship was starting, I already sensed the manifest presence of God. In every session, it was as if God spoke directly to me. I was already so blessed during the Ignite, but I felt something lacking in my life. One of the questions asked when I took the step of Water Baptism was ‘Are you baptized in the Holy Spirit?’ It intrigued me at that time, and I finally learned about the Gift of tongues. As a result, I yearned for that experience. I asked God in prayer, I even fasted and sought His affirmation through the Word. His instruction to me was me to wait for the appointed time.


At the Encounter, God finally granted my desire.  As His Spirit moved, I felt Him in my entire body, filling me. As I hungered for His touch, suddenly from out of me came forth an intelligible language, I knew then that God had answered my prayer. As a result, I decided to give my life totally to Him, and to His service!





Through this Encounter, God spoke to me directly, that He will be my Father for always. God revealed to me His plans for my life, and that is to give me a hope and new beginnings. However, what left a lasting impact on my life was when I received a vision from God. In my dream I saw Pastor Carlos scatter seed in such a fertile valley, and I was entrusted the responsibility to cultivate the land. I heard the Holy Spirit speak distinctly to me ‘I will use you, and give you all authority and power to heal the sick, cast out demons, and win souls for my Kingdom.’


I now know, that God has a plan and purpose for my life, and at the Encounter I was challenged and empowered to fulfil it.





I thank the Lord for leading me to this Encounter, and for the people He sent along my path to draw me To Himself. I thank Him, that despite my unworthiness, He still chose to draw me to Himself through His Holy Spirit. I thank the Lord for the cross, that bore all my sins, and to Jesus Christ my savoir, for giving His life for one as unworthy as myself. I thank you Father, that you revealed yourself to me as ‘Abba,’ the one who created me, and despite how far I was, still drew me to yourself in unconditional love and forgiveness. I thank you Holy Spirit, for convicting me of my many sins, and setting me free from all bondages, and revealing to me the right path. Though I am so unworthy Father, I give you my life, heart and soul. Amen!




In this Encounter I really felt the presence of God. I know we can’t see Him, but we can feel that God is with us in this Encounter. To be honest, I was very self conscious of how my reaction would be on the first day of Encounter. I still had a lot of inhibitions, despite sensing the Holy Spirit’s manifest presence. However, on the 2nd day I let go, and just raised my hands, my voice, and my life to Him in worship. Responding to Him in that way was so liberating indeed. I now know that I’ am definitely His son!




My utmost desire in attending this Encounter was to be totally set free from the many sins in my life, and to be totally transformed by God, in the way He intended me to be. I was sick and tired of sinning against God again and again, and I just wanted Him to take control of my life, and to be my Lord and Master.


At first, I was hesitant to draw near knowing how unworthy and sinful I was. But I thank God, that even in my unworthiness, He drew near to me. He gave me such a desire to live for Him, to love Him, that even until now I cannot put into words my gratitude at what the Lord has done in my life. I just know that I ‘am not the same person I was anymore!




Initially, I was quiet apprehensive prior to attending this Encounter. I knew God was aware of my sinful condition; it was one area of my life that I knew would be open before God in this retreat. I had my doubts if He ever would forgive me.


Through the many sessions, I realized how Satan had taken control over my life, as I opened doors of sin and unforgiveness. As a result, my life was in chaos at the many wrong turns and wrong choices I had made. Realizing this, I came to the Lord in total repentance, and as I called upon the Holy Spirit to come upon me and change me, I felt a blistering heat come upon my head. Tears welled up from inside me, as if a dam had broken, and I called out the name of Jesus again and again. As I mentioned His name repeatedly the whole time I was at the altar, my entire body just started to shake and I couldn’t stop. His spirit just washed over me again and again. I knew God had forgiven and restored me to Himself at that point!




At first, I didn’t think that I could make it to the Encounter, as there were so many obstacles hindering me from attending. However, God prevailed, and I know now that He appointed this retreat to draw me back to Himself.


For a long time I was in bondage to sin, I had almost given up on myself. I thank God for godly friends who never gave up on me instead. In this Encounter, not only was I forgiven, but given the opportunity to touch God through the Holy Spirit. It was such an awesome experience when the Holy Spirit came upon me. I felt such a heat in my hands, like the tangible presence of God that I could literally hold. Praise God that no matter how unworthy I was, He still calls me His Son. I hear Him literally speak to me that I must not return to my old ways, but to live for Him instead, and this I intend to do with God’s strength and Spirit!




In this Encounter God really, really renewed my life. It felt so good to be set free from so many bondages in my life. For so long, I had been filling my mind with perverse thoughts, and thoughts which allowed the devil to take control over my mind and body. But God did such a marvelous thing in this retreat, as I felt Him literally wash away all the dirt from my entire being. I felt my mind, and body cleansed from all its impurities. I heard God’s voice speak clearly ‘Confess, confess, confess, and don’t return to your old life.’ I just cried and cried for the next two days, and as the Holy Spirit came upon me, my body was overwhelmed by shaking that  couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to. Then from out of my mouth came a language I couldn’t understand, but couldn’t stop speaking either. I knew it was God transforming me, giving me a new beginning. God is so good!


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