Medical Mission of MOHH Singapore to Iloilo City (January 5-11, 2019)

It is really a blessing from God to have the scholars of MOHH (Ministry of Health Holdings Singapore) choose Iloilo City as their Overseas Community Involvement Program (OCIP).

This is the second time Evangel Tabernacle is collaborating with MOHH students and doctors.

A total of 2 Singaporean doctors, 1 dentist, 16 MOHH scholars of the various medical disciplines and 1 staff of MOHH arrived at Iloilo City on 5 January 2019.

Their task is to provide medical consultation, dental service and free medicine to the urban poor from the 4 poor barangays (communities) namely, Barangay Balabago, Barangay Simon Ledesma, Barangay Sooc and Barangay Estanzuela. They were aided by 4 local doctors and 9 local dentists.

This is the first time a Singaporean dentist was able to come to conduct dental service to patients.

An average of 30 dental patients came daily for tooth extraction and by the dexterous hands of all the dentists, extraction was being done without a glitch despite the lack of dental chairs and many other needed dental apparatus.

As for the medical consultation, daily we see an average of 180 patients streaming into the covered gym for treatment of flu, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and many other ailments. Free medicines purchased through the fund-raising effort of the MOHH team-members were prescribed and given to patients. On top of that, the MOHH team donated toiletries and some clothings and toys which they brought over from Singapore to each patient.

About 20 volunteers (in rotation) from Evangel Tabernacle would come daily to assist the MOHH team in ushering, interpretation, registration, medicine dispensary, health talks and even Christian counselling.

The 16 scholars of the MOHH team are very young, the oldest being 24 years old and the youngest being 19. Yet I can see the excitement, the sincerity, the compassion for the poor and their zeal in sowing back their skills, knowledge, care and concern back to the poor.

Despite the stench of garbage and heat, the team together with our Filipino counterparts tackled the medical mission with cheerfulness and diligence.

I am very touched to see all the Singaporean and Filipino doctors all intensely engaged in checking up all the patients despite the never- ending queue, especially on the last day at Barangay Estanzuela. To treat 755 patients in total for the four days without a word of complaint, is one virtue of all the doctors that we appreciate and respect.

Kudos to all of you:


Medical Doctors: Dr. Lee Wei Chee and Dr. Law Gin Way
Dentist:Dr. Dennis Heng
Coordinators of the team:
Chin Han Guang, Pearl Lee & Lim Sze Hwee

MOHH Members:

Sia Chi Hon
Jungie Tan
Rachel Ang
Vivian Tan
Keran Wei
Johanna Soon
Cherie Chow
Serene Tan (Staff of MOHH)
Kristina Ng
Dorcas Gui
Isaac Teo
Angeline Yong
Anice Lee
Charlyn Lam



Medical Doctors: Dr. Helen Tan, Dr. Marigold Calsas, Dr. Homer Retodo, Dr. Jennifer Anceno

Dentists: Dr. Apostol, Dr. Vigil, Dr. Chin, Dr. Pama, Dr Robles, Dr. Leraog, Dr. Gallos, Dr. Serrano, Dr. Sevilla

And thank you to all the volunteers from Evangel Tabernacle for your kind assistance and time to make this collaboration with the MOHH team such a success and blessings to the four communities.

There is no better way to kick start the new year than to remember the poor and engage them by blessing them in their medical needs. To God be the glory for such a blessing from MOHH Singapore.

It is God who used Victoria Tan to connect us to MOHH team
and I do pray that this will not be their first and last trip to Iloilo City for their OCIP!!!

Glad to be part of MOHH scholars’ Overseas Community Involvement program!!!