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Evangel Tabernacle | June 27, 2020

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May Harvest Month (Third Sunday): “Release From Shame”

May Harvest Month (Third Sunday): “Release From Shame”

| On 22, May 2019

By: Ann Marie Servito

“Maybe what they say is true, I’m not a bird anymore!” Little Bird doubted out loud after the injury to her wings, caused her to plummet to the ground. With this main character’s typical red wings, the enemies who bullied her, and the fear of not soaring up again, it only took us a short while to realize that Little Bird is a fictional character who represents an ordinary individual in dire need of Christ.

Within the opening seconds of the puppet theater play for last Sunday’s May Harvest Month presentation, The Kiddie Church kids and the TZone in their black clothes and creatively-made pair of wings jumped in the setting of greenery and mountaintops to dance to the intro song. Along with the Little Bird, the play also consisted of the black bully birds, and the Wise Bird who represented God the Father who gave his only son to attain peace. Ms. Farida Kabayao’s Production of “Free to Fly” is playful vibrant version of John 3:16 coming to life, with a hint of musical and the presence of the bubbly backdrops.

Followed by the play is a sermon entitled Release from Shame by Rev. Toh Nee Lim. In one of his outstanding points he said, “God is faithful to His covenant promises. His unchanging character is your only hope. Many times, because of distress, affliction and shame we become uncertain about this truth because of the injury, the evil and distress in our life. Shame is the aftermath of sin, whether it’s done by us or caused by others. However, the Christ endured shame on the cross and through him we can have freedom from guilt and shame that we feel.

We’re blessed to be used by God to harvest souls for His Kingdom! The Lord speaks in His Word that the harvest is plentiful and truly, 4 newcomers took a step of faith to accept Christ as their personal savior. To God be the glory!

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