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Evangel Tabernacle | August 18, 2019

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May Harvest Month (Second Sunday): “Releasing Forgiveness”

May Harvest Month (Second Sunday): “Releasing Forgiveness”

| On 15, May 2019

By: Ann Marie Servito

Our freedom wall poses a different question this second week of May Harvest Month: What do you want God to release into your life? Using colorful sticky notes, some scribbled ‘money’, ‘peace in the family’, ‘good health’, ‘healing’, and the list goes on. We will never run out of things to put in our wish list, but what if we have made a knot coiled inside us and prevented us from receiving these blessings? What if we have made our own prison cell because of unreleased forgiveness?

“Forgiveness is a matter of the heart,” said Rev. Lily Lim as she shares a sermon entitled RELEASING FORGIVENESS.

“You can forgive when the other person has done nothing to earn forgiveness because forgiveness is like salvation – it is a gift that is already given, it cannot be earned.”

In her message, she spoke about what biblical forgiveness is not and what biblical forgiveness is about. Because we refuse to release forgiveness, we are tormented (Matthew 18:34), but releasing forgiveness liberates us!

ETab treasures singers and musicians who share their talents for God’s glory. We’re privileged to welcome two of these Filipino artists namely Aida Rose Villanueva and Josh Quimpo. Aida, with her ethereal voice, sang heartfully – “Holy Lord, Carry On.” On the other hand, Josh’s flute performance is a precious 4-minute symphony break from today’s modern music, playing Sonata by Der Getreue Musikmeister (1728) and by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767).

This evangelistic month is incomplete without the 33 newcomers who were touched by the message and surrendered their lives, accepting Jesus Christ as their savior. Thousands of angels surely rejoice at these additional souls to God’s kingdom.

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