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Evangel Tabernacle | May 27, 2020

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May Harvest Month: (4th Sunday) The Hand of YHWH

May Harvest Month: (4th Sunday) The Hand of YHWH

| On 30, May 2019

By: Ann Marie Servito

For the past few weeks of the Harvest Month with the theme Release, we were enlightened about the different forms of prison we were spiritually in. But what if the iron cell we are in now is being voiceless, the inability to weep for justice, shout, cry, and tell our stories? After a series of presentations of comedy and playful theater, now sprouts emotional movement theater piece by Sis. Farida Kabayao entitled “Istorya”.

Scriptless yet full of emotions, eight women in their dull-colored skirts tells a spine-chilling story about our struggles with low self-esteem, depression, bullying, and sexual abuse. Some scenes contain realistic yet disturbing scenes to convey the hardships of being in a pit of wordlessness. The performance took a turn when the characters finally found their freedom in God’s voice.

“God’s hand is a metaphor for His activity in His creation. It is used positively of God’s presence and blessings and even His judgment. I like to call this the unseen hand of God working behind the scene of history especially in the year of release,” said Rev. Toh Nee during his sermon entitled The Hand of YHWH. Three points can be derived from the key text Ezra 7:1-8. First, the release involved the number 7, The Release has an Ezra, and The Release has the good hand of the Lord in it.

The last week of the Harvest Month comes with more newcomers and souls saved. This week 7 people finally accepted Christ as their personal Lord and savior, adding up to heaven-bound citizens in our church! We’re privileged to be used by God in leading people to Christ and in Him we bring back all the honor!

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