Leadership Advisory Team

Winston and Genivie Yap

The motion of going to church alone does not signify that one is genuinely converted, such was the experience of our self – confessed millennial at heart brother .

After finally receiving the touch of the Holy Spirit in 2009 he knows that this time it’s for real. Hence, he dedicated his time to the ministry of the word, proclaiming the power of the word of God in various platforms while working full – time for their hardware business .

With this newfound love for God that was burning in his heart , he brought along Genevie, his girlfriend then, to share his faith and to accept Jesus .

Short and direct like the gospel of Mark as how this brother puts it, Winston proposed to Genevie and they became one in faith and love as husband and wife.

At present, they have 3 adorable kids, namely, Micah 9, Eunice 7 and Abraham 1, whom you see in the church running after their parents as they put their hands to the plough serving various ministries .

Despite the full demands of motherhood, Genivie remains high spirited both at home and in the church .

When she leads worship, you can see her pouring herself out without reservation, abandoning her tears and sweat to God’s presence — taking us all the way to ascend the holy hill of the Lord crying for the Holy Spirit to release the anointing to worship.

As her soprano voice rises up, her spirit bows low in humility and surrender to the Holy Spirit, stepping back for the river of life to flow unhindered from God’s throne, reviving hearts to feast upon the Lord.

Joel and Michelle Lao

If there is one thing that draws people to Joel and Cheng Lao, it is their genuine  desire to serve God and bring the good news to others. They would always ask, “What can we do to help?” Their generosity and selfless efforts to serve are testimonies of the true Christian spirit of caring for the “least of the brethren.” Their commitment to devote themselves to know more about Christ day by day and to serve in the various ministries at Evangel Tabernacle make them even fruitful workers in the Lord’s vineyard.

As businessmen, with backgrounds in banking, management and human resources, Joel and Cheng use their skills and experience to train the next generation of believers in the ministry. As members of the Leadership Advisory Team (LAT), this couple works together as a solid unit, seeing that their contrasting personalities, personal experiences, individual talents and gifts contribute to their unique partnership. Joel and Cheng have been active in the pulpit ministry and have been encouraged to continue sharing the Word with the guidance of the senior pastors.

Joel serves as a Discipleship Journey leader who facilitates the weekly Bible discussions in his cell group.  One would think that his quiet, unassuming nature would hamper him, yet this inner strength of being reserved in manners and being a man of few words enables him to do the task at hand with wisdom and authority, and even with much humor.

Cheng inspires those around her with her reassuring presence.  While she speaks her mind with much conviction, she listens with empathy, and is generous with her time and wisdom with those she counsels.  Her humor, openness and sensitivity are what makes her a joy to be with. She considers intercessory prayer as a moving force in the leading of the Holy Spirit’s presence and guidance as vital for the church to grow and thrive. 

With a love for words, Cheng has been expressing her walk with Christ through poetry.  She hopes that her creative expression will also minister to others about Him.

Joel and Cheng are blessed with a lovely and talented daughter named Elliana or Elle.  

Isaiah Mark and Meriam Lim

Mark was born in a Christian family . At a very young age , he was already exposed to the standards of Christian living but it took him some time to find out who he wanted to be in Jesus. It is this same light that blinded him until finally things made sense to him and at 15 he made the decision to accept Jesus.

With his wide variety of talent , dedication and persevering commitment, this Korean looking dude who never seem to age in appearance, was a favorite on the church’s stage when he was in his youth .

Unwittingly in the course of his ministry , he met Meriam, who was a newcomer then and the fruit of a church outreach.

Needless to say, Meriam was the only one who remained faithful in pursuing her love for Jesus from that batch of harvest, an indicator of her staunch determination to cling on to God regardless of popular opinion and difficult circumstances . She may appear slim and fragile on the outside but her innate strength will surprise you.

This couple’s kindheartedness does not only impact the lives of others but this gesture is genuinely reflected on how they address each other as husband and wife.

Even a complete outsider won’t miss their tender affection, speaking in the softest whisper and almost inaudible voice when they talk to one other.

Mark and Meriam always bring a spirit of good fellowship around them, remaining teachable during times of testing and steadfast in their walk with the Lord. 

Currently, they both offer their talents for the Lord, serving in the Music Department. This couple also teaches in the School for Christian Growth and patiently leads their cell group and disciples them to mature in Jesus.

Fernand and Lovely Peralta

Believe it or not but this couple do not fight for they are such a perfect match.

Fernand appreciates with his intellect while Lovely puts them all into action with words understood by all.

Her acute discernment, together with her hard to miss laughter, sensibility and practical appraisal of things are a sweet contrast to Fernand’s cerebral tenor yet they always work in harmony and move as one.

It is this special blend between them that greatly endears them to people and that turns their ministry into a comfortable space where people can easily find their place, reveal their hearts and enjoy close fellowship.

Fernand is an English Language Studies professor at West Visayas State University and is currently working on his dissertation for his PhD in English degree.

Fernand has a shepherd’s heart who selflessly gives his time and repertoire of faculties to the young people. Presently, he is serving as the Youth Director for the Youth Central.

He is actively mentoring teens and young people- providing counsel on a variety of personal issues and he is meticulously planning and supervising programs and activities to empower them to grow in discipleship and spiritual maturity.

There is a very old and famous saying, “Behind every successful man, there stands a woman,” and Lovely had always been this amazing figure of support and stability behind Fernand.

Verona Faith Gambao

The transformation of this beautiful soul was witnessed by most when she accepted Jesus to be her Lord and Savior in 2008.

Seen as tender and yielding in her persona , Verona Faith is a musical warrior with a prophetic gifting .

The sound of her worship brings healing to a place of brokenness within one’s soul igniting the fire of the Holy Spirit afresh.

Her heart is always broken before the Lord, interceding for others, and it is at this posture that her voice breaks in over those who are lost, sick, lonely and hungry for them to encounter the manifest presence of God.

For years now of leading the congregation to worship, one important lesson she learned is to let the Holy Spirit take the lead . To make room for the Holy Spirit and not to fill in the space reserved only for Him to move, wherein, you’ll always hear her say, “have your way Lord.”

Her talented son, Nathaniel, 8, who was immersed in church life since birth, is strongly following after her gifting.

Coller Abapo

I don’t think there is a single soul in Etab who is immune from the charm of his lens.

Coller is a homegrown leader , whose heart and hands are always ready to serve the Lord.

You’ll often see him directing people on what to do in a photo, carefully considering their every angle but denying himself of the enjoyment to be included therein.

Somebody said that a good photograph is knowing where to stand.

Such is the nature of brother Coller, humble, giving, steps back for others and with a servant’s heart.

He is the kind who withdraws from one’s eyes but gives his for others thru his beautiful photos.

Year after year, his hard-work and diligence in capturing the essence of church services, celebrations , retreats, crusades and various outreach is a tremendous blessing for all.

Coller is married to Regina Ancorda and it’s such a joy for them to raise their only son, CJ, 17 years old, in the same church environment like his dad whereby, he always shows readiness to contribute his skills for Youth Church related activities.