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Evangel Tabernacle | August 17, 2019

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Jesus Flash Mob @ Esplanade

Evangel Tabernacle

Mar. 22, 2013

In an ambitious display of dance’ Hearts On Fire took to the streets in a flash mob comprising of 56  mobsterz‘ on fire to exhibit the love of God uniquely through their performance!

Esplanade which is the current watering hole of most Ilonggos, were flashed by our mobsters’ to JESUS WILL SHOW THE WAY… subliminally sending the message of God’s love… no matter how radical the form!


  1. Georgie C. Floro

    It’s nice to see these young people dancing for Jesus rather than to go anywhere without a purpose in their life. Time flies…these young people were just kids who started their life in a Sunday School. Now, as I see them they’re really great. You can see the vigor in them and the spirit of God. Keep up your enthusiasm to Jesus..I know you will make a difference to the lost souls.

  2. I am very glad and thankful that Jesus provides Iloilo City and the Philippines this very active and God fearing people. I know Jesus is with you and Horraaaaay! for a Job well done. (an eye opener to many people who see this video.

    Sorry for me—I misse the activity. “Jesus Loves Iloilo, Philippines and the World”

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