When Jesus Comes
by F. D. Peralta

With the drama put up with the combined talents of Regions A, D, and E, everyone had a closer look of reality—how all of us are like condemned prisoners and this world we live in a big Alcatraz with no point of escape but Jesus comes and looks on us with love and offers us our undeserved freedom and restoration in exchange for His life. It was the truth that everyone watching knew well in their hearts.

Rev. Lily Lim, through her message, opened windows of hope to those who are experiencing “dark stormy evenings” in their lives. With the Word, she assured everyone that God sees and that Jesus comes in miraculous power to calm the storm and carry us though the evening.

“In spite of terrifying circumstances, if we entrust our lives to Christ for His safekeeping, He will give us peace in any storm and He will bring us to our destination quickly,” Ptr. Lily encouraged the people.

With hands lifted high at the altar, the whole congregation bellowed in great chorus what seemed to be the Holy Spirit’s anthem, entering into the Spirit’s high praise. The house echoed with worshipful voices, God’s presence was felt, and there came a surge of the Spirit’s anointing. And what’s more, God was enthroned in the praises of His people. It was one sight and sound—a worship experience—that would not leave even the hardest of hearts untouched.
Evangel Tabernacle is both a testimony of all that there is ‘when Jesus comes’ and a monument of a fulfilled promise in Zechariah 10:3-12. For Evangelites, we just need to hang in there and keep on rowing in times of engulfing darkness, turbulent storm, and Heaven’s silence in our lives for, in the ‘fourth watch’ Jesus will come to our aid and perform wonders. For those who have been brought in through the Harvest Month, Evangel Tabernacle will forever be remembered as a place ‘where Jesus came’ to meet them.

With sins forgiven, guilt effaced, shame lifted, God’s grace extended, lives restored, faith enlivened, promises fulfilled, and countless of lives surrendered to God, the May Harvest Month, indeed, is one mission well-accomplished! And, for Evangel Tabernacle, it is only the beginning of many more missions yet to be accomplished. Until then, TO GOD BE THE GREATER GLORY.