by F. D. Peralta

Calm your raging fears, silence your anxious mind, rest your fretting heart and know that God is and will always be in control.

Such is the enlightening truth that strongly prompted all those who came to embrace God’s sovereignty, acknowledge His control over their lives, and experience His compassion for the lost and the least, which are also the theme of the music video and the praise dance performed by Region C.

Rev. Toh Nee Lim’s message brought encouragement to the countless who are pushed to a situation that leaves them limited, stuck, and trapped. He declared that God is in full control of the course of events and arrangement of our lives and that His mercy doesn’t run short for those who come acknowledging their helplessness.

“God is behind every scene in your life…You would better be able to walk in patience, in quietness, and in cheerfulness as a Christian should.”

At the altar, every single one responded with a heart laid bare before God. Those who were new surrendered their will to God and accepted Jesus as their savior. Long time Christians also went in conviction and yielded control of their lives back to God. It was one of those moments the hovering presence of the Holy Spirit could be strongly felt.

Indeed, when we run to God’s mercy seat and recognize our weaknesses and utter helplessness, things in our lives can have miraculous twists and turns. It may be all baffling and disquieting on the outside, but, with God on the helm, we can stay still bearing His ‘holy calm’ on the inside.

In the light of this Harvest Month, the story of Joseph serves as a reflection of what Evangel Tabernacle is — a “nourisher” to countless families, to the barangays, and to the city as a whole, continuing seeking the lost and bringing them at God’s mercy seat for them to experience Jesus’ compassion and saving grace.