Our Hearts On Fire’ resumed with a bang this 2014, as LSBC Singapore Youth team along with the ever youthful…Pas. Ruth Tay and Pas. Dong of course…who never let up, equaling the youngsters’ energy and vigor! The LSBC Youth was definitely on a mission! Thumbs up…for your passion & fervor for Christ and His people!

Don’t be deceived by Pas. Ruth’s gentle demeanor…she was power packed with the WORD – which came so timely! For everyone who’ve been through the dilemma of being a NOBODY…take heart…for God sees beyond how we view ourselves…to what we CAN BECOME in HIM. Brimming with potential and all POSSIBILITIES found in GOD!

True Love as embodied in the Father’s Love for the PRODIGAL SON…

Unconditional love, without walls and expectations, accepting both the good and bad…but loving nonetheless. We are all prodigals in a sense, needing the love of a Father. We have all strayed at one point, yet finding him waiting at the end of that journey…to find us restored to HIMSELF…as His SONS!

It was this love which permeated our inner beings that night. Tears freely fell in His loving presence, as each of us came as we were, no pretense…in all our weaknesses…yet hearing that still small voice…MY SON’

Thankfully, we give GOD the Glory for our dear friends in Christ, who seemingly God did send our way. New friendships fostered by a common bond, the pursuit for GOD and HIS PURPOSES. And truly we were one in the spirit and faith!