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Evangel Tabernacle | August 18, 2019

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Healing Room Ministry By LSBC At ETAB

Healing Room Ministry By LSBC At ETAB

| On 29, May 2018

It was indeed a faith-exercising weekend with the Healing Room Ministry (HRM) from Living Sanctuary Brethren Church, Spore (LSBC) coming to Etab to equip our leaders on how to run a Healing Room Ministry here at Etab.

The HRM team from LSBC composed of Ptr Kwee Choon, Elder Stephen Choy, Bro David Chan, Bro KK, Sis Judy and Sis Doreen and they were led by Mission Pastor, Dong. The HRM equipping took place from 26-27 May 2018 and about 65 leaders from Etab attended.

In that two-day sessions, Etab leaders were taught on:
• Biblical Foundation of Healing by David Chan
• Roadblocks to healing by David Chan
• Activation in the Healing Anointing by Stephen Choy
• Healing Room in Operation by HRM Team.

The 65 Etab participants were divided into the following groups:

• The Intercessory Group
• The Minister Group
• The Administrator Group
• The Patient Group

4 healing rooms were set up. Each healing room composed of 3 observers from Etab led by one HRM leader from LSBC. Each room was assigned 3 patients for the ministers to pray for, one at a time.

At the back scene, there was the Intercessory Team led by Sis Doreen, whose function was to intercede for the 16 patients, exercising faith in God to receive downloads concerning the condition of the spirit man of each patient.

The 4 Minister Teams were taught by HRM on how to pray too to receive download from the Holy Spirit regarding the patient and it was amazing to watch the HRM team from LSBC operate by faith in the Holy Spirit’s anointing for healing. It takes faith to discern the root cause of the physical ailments of each patient and the amazing thing was to see how the Holy Spirit used novice intercessors of Etab to give spot on download on each patient which also synchronized with the downloads that HRM ministers received. There was no discussion between these two groups – the Intercessors and the Ministers. Above all, God was present among us albeit it being just a practicum. Literally Etab leaders who posed as patients were literally and visibly healed during the session. Glory be to God!

It was so challenging and fun to exercise by faith in the Holy Spirit for the condition of the spirit man first before praying for physical healing upon the patients. Indeed, when our spirit man is hurt with unforgiveness or doubt, it usually manifests that hurt or injury through physical sickness in our bodies. Healing as was taught during the HRM seminar is for all – believers and unbelievers and God wants to use us as believers like Jesus to heal all who are sick. All He asks is to believe that healing is still available today and it is part of the redemptive work of Christ’s death to set people free from sicknesses. The activation for healing by the HRM upon our Etab leaders was so fun on the Saturday that a second round of activation was requested by Etab to take place on the Sunday after our second service.

This is another “new” thing which God is bringing to Etab through the HRM team of LSBC. It is another new tool that God wants to equip Etab so that we can bring the healing touch of Jesus to the community so that the people who sit in the darkness of bondage to infirmities can see the light of the redemptive healing of Christ.

Thank you – HRM team of LSBC for coming to Etab to impart this HRM ministry to us. We as Etab members are amazed that though we are new in HRM, we could be used by God to receive the downloads for different patients and also to receive the anointing to heal the sick. Thank you for patiently encouraging all of us to move by faith in intercession and ministering. It was frightening at first but rewarding when we dared to take the plunge, especially when we witnessed how the Holy Spirit heal the inner man of the patient first and subsequently the visible healing of the physical sicknesses.

We are blessed by all the tedious preparations the HRM had made before coming to Etab – your prayers and all your prophetic downloads written down in the Blessing Cards and distributed to Etab. It was so amazing to see so many prophetic downloads so spot on for the recipients of the cards, thus encouraging, edifying and comforting many at their point of need.

Thank you too HRM for your friendship. We, as the pastors of Etab had a hilarious and fun time fellowship with all of you.

Glory be to God for all the healings that took place last weekend and for a successful and effective HRM equipping for Etab by LSBC team.

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