Full-Time Staff


Pastor Carlyn was among the pioneers to go into the full-time ministry in 1988. When Pastors Carlos joined in upon returning from missions 1993, he took over pastoring the Hiligaynon or Second Service of Evangel Tabernacle (ETAB), building on the groundwork the founding missionary pastors started while faithfully preaching in and out of season. Today the Hiligaynon congregation has grown to more than 150 in membership. Together as husband and wife, this couple serve the house and the household of God with all that they are and all that they have in various capacities as zone pastors, ministry heads, and fellow workers among others.

As the Head of the Essential Cell, Pastor Carlos oversees the 25 cell groups across the four zones of ETAB, initiating a discipleship program in the cell group setting. He has successfully organized gatherings that open up avenues for developing cell-life and fellowship among members. With his gift of words and music, he has composed a number of praise and worship songs in both English and the local language Hiligaynon; his compositions served as the precursor for the birth of and appreciation for original ETAB Worship inspiring others to capture their devotion to God into songs. A singer and musician himself, he has coached budding singers and mentored young musicians who would form part of ETAB’s Music Ministry today.

Meanwhile, Pastor Carlyn heads the Essential Commission (Foreign Missions). With her experience working with teens for 30 years, she established the foundation for the Teens Ministry of ETAB to become what it is today— the Teens Zone (Tzone), a thriving department that gathers more than 120 teens every Saturday teaching them to know Jesus and grow in His likeness. As one with a knack for cooking and baking, she enjoys cooking for her people during prayer and fellowship nights. Moreover, many young married couples of ETAB have her to thank for, as she is a passionate and creative wedding coordinator who would go out of her way to make every wedding truly special.

Even before they joined the full-time ministry, the call of missions has always been in their heart, most especially for Pastor Carlos, who, himself heeding the call of God at 19, went to Mission school and served in a local mission work in Libertad, Antique for one and a half years. Their only son, Michael Carl, a gifted worship leader himself, with his wife Juvy, who is the current head of Tzone, had also served in Cambodia Missions for four years. Still happily married for 27 years now, Pastors Carlos and Carlyn have counselled married couples, both young and old, helping them brave through the challenges of married life.


Pastor Ephraim came to full-time ministry in 1993and Pastor Anelene in 1996, and from then on together they served as husband and wife joining the pastoral team of ETABAs Zone Pastors for 26 years now, they have discipled members and leaders who have committed a life of service to Christ—a life they themselves modelled spending the prime of their youth for Christ and His cause.

They have truly made God’s business their lives’ purpose. While serving as the Executive Pastor and Essential Commission (local) Head, Pastor Anelene also supervises the Children’s Ministry—The Kiddie Church (TKC), which runs a vibrant Sunday School program for some200children coming from the depressed communities around ETAB. Her hospital experience as a nurse has helped her provide not only pastoral care but also health care guidance to the underprivileged residents in the community who would go to ETAB to avail of the free over-the-counter medication.

Pastor Ephraim had earned a college degree that would have landed him a job as a custom officer, but he chose to respond to God’s call for him to become His officer—a pastor caring for God’s people. He is actively involved in teaching School for Christian Growth (SCG) courses under the Equipping Ministry grounding new and old members in sound biblical teaching and Christian discipleship. Besides his pastoral function, being a licensed electrician himself, he is the go-to-guy for varied mechanical and electrical up keep of the church.

Pastors Ephraim and Anelene in their26 years of marriage are now seeing the blessing of a growing family. Their daughter Janelene Joy, who is also a nurse by profession and serves in the Music Ministry of ETAB as a worship leader, has started to raise her own family. Recently, they have welcomed the birth of their grandson, overjoyed at their new role as grandparents.


Pastor Yollyprimarily serves as the church accountant. On top of that, she coordinates the Ushers and Befrienders Ministry, leading a team that represents the face of ETAB at the forefront and extends the pleasant Ilonggo welcome to both members and visitors alike. In her maiden years, despite having a sure career path as a registered nurse with years of hospital practice, she heeded the call of full-time ministry in 2000 and took the journey with Christ working on His mission.

Pastor Yolly is married to Brother Joseph and they are happily blessed with a teenage daughter Kiara who performs excellently in school and has a penchant for singing, a talent she got from Pastor Yolly who herself was a gifted worship leader of ETAB in the early years.


Brother Allan is the newest staff to join ETAB full-time ministry this 2022. He has been designated as the Head of the Essential Community, spearheading initiatives that would bring the church and the gospel of Christ closer to the community. He also serves as a junior youth mentor of Youth Central, the Youth Ministry of ETAB, and leads a small group discipleship. A people-person that he is who enjoys outdoor rides, adventures, and team sports, he finds pure joy in engaging the youth where they are—in the community, leading them to know Christ, and bringing them to church. In keeping with God’s call in his heart, Brother Allan desires to go to Bible school and get formal pastoral training. He has always been excited to start a person-to-person discipleship along with his fellow junior mentors to reach out to the disengaged youth of his generation.


Brother Marvin also joins the full-time ministry this 2022. He enjoys being the main IT guy among the staff, and it excites him that he is able to use his technical expertise and background in computer and digital media production for the church mainly working on the weekly School for Christian Growth (SCG) content video that is posted on the social media sites of ETAB. Brother Marvin also serves as a junior youth mentor of Youth Centraldiscipling a small group. It is his earnest desire to see the youth placed under his care experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus and start a journey with the Lord as young Christians.


This married couple gifted with beautiful voices for worship and praise, Brother Rolan and Sister Maricel are just two of ETAB’s main worship leaders.  Moreover, they serve as Zone Pastors charged with growing members and honing future leaders of their zone and the church as well.  When outside of their ministry work, Sister Maricel, who is a licensed professional teacher, teaches at Rizal Elementary School, a local public school for Basic Education, while Brother Rolan works as a laboratory technician at the Department of Agriculture. Surprisingly, they are rooted and home-grown in ETAB where they also found each other.


They are passionate about building their young family with their five-year old daughter Avery Tate who is such as a source of laughter and joy while continuing to disciple people seeing how the gospel bring transformation to lives and families.