BY: Verona Faith Gambao

It was a memorable dazzling evening with ladies and gentlemen of Evangel Tabernacle, postured in their stunning long gowns and gorgeous suits for the 2019’s A Very Ballroom Christmas, Evangel Tabernacle 34th Christmas Celebration!

The program began with a song number from “The Lollipop Kids” (of TKC) who wowed the crowd as they premiered on stage with a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” song for Jesus!

The dinner buffet was superb – and Pastor Lily’s dishes made the buffet even extra special!
Among the high-lights of the event was the dance production of the different departments (the Audio Visual Lights Dept., Music Dept., The Youth Church, T-Zone Dept., The Kiddie Church Dept. as well as the Leaders Advisory Team. and the Full-Time Staff) to the tune of various ballroom beats with the special (unexpected) participation of our SPs, Pastor Tohnee and Pastor Lily with their own dance moves!

Truly, the night was filled with fun, laughter, gratitude and appreciation and most importantly it was the Word of God shared by Pastor Toh Nee that made the whole evening complete.

Jesus, The Light of the world, was born to redeem us from the bondage of sin and distress- and is also the reason why we have the grace to enjoy victorious celebrations like this.

The past 7 years have been filled with challenges and victories, tears and gladness and through it all the goodness of YHWH followed us and still follows us even up to this day. Countless of impossibilities were made possible, promises being fulfilled and blessings RELEASED.

We are in awe of His immeasurable favor which He lavishly showered over us for the past 7 years- especially in this year of RELEASE!

He has turned our mourning in to dancing! He has loosed our sackcloth and girded us with gladness so we rejoice! We dance for the His glory!
It is without a doubt, YHWH’s desire is to display His splendor upon Evangel Tabernacle!
His name is truly glorious!