Essential Cell…… Embracing Cell Life

“As a disciple, I am a brother/sister to other members in His family. I will grow in love and accept accountability in my DJ (Discipleship Journey) cell.”

This last quarter of 2018 is the quarter cell life is being embraced by its members in the form of CELL NITE OUT; CHEESUS CRUST LUNCH and GIFT EXCHANGE among cell groups this coming Christmas.

There is no better way to bond than through a night out together as a cell just having fun. And no better way to treat ourselves better than a lunch of “Cheesus Crust” with new friends after a Sunday Service.

Cell life needn’t have to be boring. It can be fun, with all the members of each cell really growing in love and acceptance of one another.

Thank you all DJ cell leaders for organizing all the activities and programs for your DJCG!!!