In collaboration with Health Vantage Ltd Hong Kong
October 4, 2014

E_tab’s newest agenda as of the present is pulling in the N.E.T … an acronym of being ‘Near Enough to Touch.’ Breaking many barriers through being a blessing to the community … a simple meal, a prayer, a smile … as we went door to door. Truly the simplest acts of love makes the most ripples in this day and age. It is the Gospel in action , and simply being a part of it can bring a lilt to our steps … knowing we walk in the master’s footsteps!

Again, our deepest gratitude to Health Vantage Ltd Hong Kong for being the catalyst to make this possible. The warmth and acceptance accorded us, and God’s love manifesting itself through each one of us, was only possible through your continued commitment to His service !

As such , 1063 indigent families were blessed by the 7 regions … and undeterred by a heavy downpour we lugged our supplies to where Jesus would have wanted us to walk … to be light in the midst of darkness .

Sunday found E_tab abuzz with life when our Sunday School was deluged with 450 barangay kids, who were also fed … bringing it to a total of 1513 fed just last weekend . Consequently many Cell groups would soon be opened … and a great harvest is about to come ! God is definitely doing a new’ thing … do you believe ?