Apr. 12 – 15 @ Etab
with Pastor Peter Chng

It’s seldom that we get to have a speaker who is ONE old-time pentecostal preacher, bringing us back to the hymns of old, bringing us back to that point of consecration and dedication all over again. Truly, Jesus is the bedrock of our faith, upon which all things are hinged.

We were brought back to reflect on the cross and His sacrifice for us, by which we were endeavored to give of our lives, just as He gave His … in service and in worship. It brought a deep, soul searching of the heart and it’s motives. It brought clarity and direction in it’s simplicity and truth… and it was very much needed at the moment.

It was profound how it brought us back to our ‘first love,’ restoring that simplicity of faith we once had, drawing us back to the zeal and fervor of commitment and sacrifice, and laying down our ALL once more …for He is worthy of it all … and it was in the stillness that we hear Him speak so clearly, that we were drawn and ignited by the fire of His Spirit.

Boy … that was definitely good preaching by Pas. Peter Chng!

To God be the Glory!