Another masterpiece POEM by Cheng Lao from her encounter with God during this Enhance Community Quarantine.

“A Fire in the Snow”

In that ground covered with snow,
In that ground open and low,
I was shown to aim towards the target, hands on the bow.

In the ground all capped by the snow,
The trees cleared themselves away as if presenting a show,
But it’s no show – for what is revealed is all about
… just the WHITENESS of the SNOW
…just the WHITENESS of the SNOW.

In this ground laden with snow,
You have work for us to do.

In this ground laden with snow,
Make our hearts pure for You.

In this ground laden with snow,
A clear path is marked for us by You.

We gather the woods that You provided upon the blanket of snow,
Throwing them ALL IN to light up a FIRE for You,
Fire consumed the wood to and fro,
…because they came from a ground, PURE and WHITE as SNOW.

A fire in the snow!
Our adoration for You becomes white as snow.

A fire in the snow!
You marked the ground – both left and right- for us to walk thru.

A fire in the snow!
We aim towards the target, none other but You.