Celebrating 30 years of His goodness and faithfulness.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.
Psalm 136:1

Reminiscing the years gone by, we cannot deny how His faithful word stands forever. How it has stood the test of time, trial by fire, persecution and doubts. How it has caused us to stand on His promises despite of and inspite of, unwaveringly calling all of them to remembrance. Until it does come to pass … and so after 30 years of sojourning we can only conclude … His faithful love endures forever!

It’s not about us, but about His faithfulness. And we celebrate this 30th year careful to give Him thanks for all He has done.

After a three year Christmas hibernation of sorts , E-tab came back with a blast. A stellar presentation featuring the Bahandi Choir and the Youth Church Create. Reminiscent of our glory days, it was a return to that level of excellency and grandeur Evangel is paticularly known for. And to a rousing crowd.

E-tab is definitely back in fighting form! We are definitely sooo’ back!

As is fitting for our 30th, E-tab had a fine dining experience … 8 course international buffet for P100 only. Still can’t get over the Chillean Boullabaise and Autumn Salad Pasta till now. Hats off to our chef extraordinaire.’ Pas. Lily, whose singed fingers and burns, though not life threatening, did not deter her to whip up a feast for 530!

And so we ended the evening with fun, games , greetings to commemorate our 30 years … and we were one in the joy and unity of the Lord. We could sense Him in the midst of the gaiety and laughter, as we dined and exchanged pleasantries, as we reveled in the celebration … He not only joined … but was the center of it all.

Truly love came down … it was as we joined in friendships and bonds fostered over 30 years, that we realize we were brought together on this once and a lifetime journey … and what a journey it has been!