in collaboration with Health Vantage Ltd Hong Kong

Though that Saturday brought rains and flooding due to a tropical storm , love nonetheless prevailed even at the height of typhoon ‘vongfong.’ Our community penetration went unhindered, and cell groups sprung in the midst of this category 5 typhoon which had every one in doors … whilst E_tab went from house to house in the spirit of brotherhood!

Some locations submerged in waters received additional assistance as well…and navigating through murky waters this was compassion in action … unmindful of being drenched and shivering to the bone … love nonetheless uplifted our spirits, this was what Christ had done , not at all turning away in a time of need but being present … even through a simple meal .

Our Sunday School and Rzone experienced such an influx the following day … and of course feeding continued. To sum it all up; 1091 community indigent , 652 flood victims and 433 tkk/rzones were fed making that a total of 2176!

Many Thanks to all who helped despite bad weather conditions … to God be the glory !