…the AFTERMATH of our 2 Special Evenings with the LSBC Team created lasting ripples in our souls…truly the WORD as spoken through Pas. Ruth Tay, moved the many walls we have erected, to expose inner turmoils, we know or may not know existed. Herein are some testimonials of how God would use that WORD…

“For the longest time my life has been a mess on account of a broken family. Though I was a Christian having spent my youth in Evangel, I had so much bitterness toward my Father who left our family for a caretaker who was in the employ of my mother. My Father’s affair and their eventual deception was a hurt I could never get over for years, most especially when I saw him favor his mistress over my mother, and when he started beating her up badly ever so often. Those were troubled days for me, I started turning to vices, eventually drifting away from the faith.

But the Lord remained faithful in my faithlessness. Later part of last year, He engineered our destiny by taking us back to my hometown, where I would experience a rebirth. By now I had a family, and along with my wife, son and mother we returned to Iloilo to start anew. Unknowingly it was the start of a new beginning.I returned to the fellowship of the church, and into their open arms!

Yet, though I returned to Iloilo, I still wasn’t set free from my Father’s shadow. The memories would often haunt me time and again. Mine was a constant battle with unforgiveness. Pas. Ruth’s message on the last day broke through my resolve, my anger and pain. The Father’s love simply broke through the many reserves within. At the altar as I came before God, I felt His love surround me. Furthermore when my son came beside me and gave me a big hug at the altar, I literally felt the love of God that moment and I cried so much. In that light, I was able to let go of my hatred and anger towards my Father, and it was such a liberation! Now I’m just filled with so much joy and purpose!

“Prior to the said event, I was going through a rough time with my Father. This had been going on for quite some time, and I was exhausted by this constant stand off with him. It took a lot out of me, not to harbor bitterness against him.

But last Tuesday the Word of God by Pas. Ruth on ‘FATHER’S LOVE’ struck a chord within. Especially at the altar, when someone hugged me and spoke these words, “I know that you are very tired, but God loves you so much, and God wants to tell you that He is proud of you, keep standing. Just love the children the way Jesus loves you and He will bless you and guide you.” I cried so hard that moment, and felt God take away all my burdens, weariness and bitterness and just felt the love of God covering me. I was renewed once more and just basked in the love of God that moment.”

Thankfully, I was so touched these last two days. I felt that every message was for me. I’ am living alone with no family of my own, as my parents had already passed on. For so long, I have felt abandoned and alone. I never experienced how it was to have a personal relationship with God. My life was aimless and without a purpose.

But, I realized that God has a purpose for my life. Despite my predicament in life He has plans to give me a future and a blessed hope, and that I am precious to Him.

For the longest time I never understood what love is, or even if it ever does exist. I have been alone most of my life, with nobody to talk to and nobody to rely on. God’s love would change all that!

As I came to the altar, I just felt the strong presence of God, and tears just flowed from out of me. It had been such a lonely and hard life, but the love of the Father just opened my heart to respond to Him! Now I know He is truly alive!

I grew up not knowing my real parents. I was left to the care of my grandmother since young. I remember at one time due to poverty and improper nutrition I contracted bone TB. I was emaciated and bedridden for quite some time with no finances to tide us over. I somehow survived those trying years, but I grew up feeling like a nobody, rejected by family, society and circumstances.

I thank God for His timely message, that I could be somebody’ in God. Truly my self worth is not determined by family nor friends, but by God alone. I was reminded of how God had preserved me all this while, and I am thankful that He had been there all along! God wants to give me blessed future, despite of who or what I’ am, that is one thing sure that I cling on to now!

For so long I had been living a pretentious life. I have been a Christian for quite some time now. Paying lip service to God, but lacking the sincerity. I have always felt like the ‘fig tree that never bears fruit’ in the Bible. Yet, in front of everybody I pretended otherwise. Trying to hide the emptiness inside, just so people would accept me. I knew I was using God to feed on my ego.

During the two day service, I was so convicted, as I realized that God saw through my every motive, but still loves me unconditionally. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody I’m not just to be accepted. I just have to be what God wants me to be! At that moment, I just knew I have a greater purpose. And whatever it is, or whatever may come, I will trust in Him alone!