By: Ann Marie Servito – Youth Mentor

MAY 5, 2016
God’s love is as vast as He is and his mercy extends to the ends of the earth. The plentiful harvest outnumbers our inhibitions towards doing God’s mission. It’s time for the Lord’s people to give back the time, strength and even resources to the only Giver. Age is not a qualification in God’s calling. Our youth is God’s and we must learn to feed souls more than feeding the flesh.

The youth church, led by and Pas. Carlyn, held a mission trip in Longuingot island, Estancia. All dressed in yellow, the group took a 3 hour trip from Iloilo and took a boat to bring light to the people of the island. Although the youth didn’t arrive in the expected time, the people in the island patiently waited for the visitors to come. The sun was up and the program started at 10AM. The youth mentors encouraged everyone even the aged ones to dance and groove to energize the crowd. The TKC teachers, on the other hand, conducted a similar service for the skin. A mob of sun-kissed skins flocked together to hear the good news from the word of God.

The soul needs more feeding than the body. After the team entertained the people with touching and fun dramas, the Word of the Lord was preached by Pas. Carlyn Barcelona. In an island where people have heard about Jesus, God also invites each to know what is beyond the Name and the life in knowing Him more and having a relationship with him. All the adults prayed the sinner’s prayer and a cell group was conducted for the youth afterwards.

Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely you give.” This is the best time to give back and bless the people! With us are the kilos of rice we especially repacked to share with the people of the island. the boats also carried the sacks of rice that are about to be given to the people of the island. Hand in hand, the distribution or rice was organized by the team.

It wasn’t just a time of blessing for the people. The team had their lunch beside the beach and enjoyed the fresh sea breeze while eating halo-halo! It was a great time to relax while doing the work of God. The afternoon was concluded with swimming and even island hopping!