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Evangel Tabernacle | September 21, 2018

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“Quest For Gold”

“Quest For Gold”

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Nov. 4, 8 – 10, 2010

School Ministry - BiblesThrough the graciousness of the Gilopez Kabayao Foundation, Evangel Family Church conducted a week long spiritual recollection to 800 graduating students from various national high schools within the city.

The Gilopez Kabayao Foundation in cooperation with New Testament Baptist Church under the direction of Sis. Corazon Kabayao, has been known for its charitable accomplishments purposely for the furtherance of the Gospel. As such, Evangel Family Church along with a 60 strong workforce, stood by as their ‘manongs’ and ‘manangs’ to listen, counsel, to direct them to the love of God, which after all was the central theme of this spiritual retreat.

In line with their ‘quest for gold,’ whose beauty tarnishes in time… minus ‘l’ from ‘gold’ and eventually our most ultimate ‘quest’ in life is ‘GOD.’ To explain to us further, we had Pas. Rustom Ola, Pas. John Jaingga, Dr. Demie Tidon, Dr. Jonathan Quimpo and our very own Pas. Carlos Barcelona to share various topics ranging from:  Knowing God, Family & Self-Esteem, Sexuality and Pursuing Your Dreams.

School Ministry - StudentsBut of course, not only was it a time of ‘deep spiritual searching’ but fun time as well! As we broke up in groups for games, meals and what-nots…we bonded through common experiences, laughter and just plain gab! Of course, a few tears were shed as topics of ‘family & self-esteem’ touched a raw nerve in us all. Yet, what really touched our hearts, was the need of our youth to know about Jesus. Not only as Savior and Lord…but as Father and Friend! Something so many lack in their life’s quest. Our prayer is that somehow, the seed of God’s love was planted in their hearts by the spirit, and that they know Christ personally, in the few days we were together.

School Ministry - StudentsAll our efforts were not in vain, upon seeing the students gather at the end of each service, to receive Christ, singing along with us a song of consecration. The ‘joy of salvation’ was evident as each service concluded. After the end of the final song, at the end of the day…realizing that ‘souls’ were still more precious than ‘gold’ after all.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the Gilopez Kabayao foundation, and the New Testament Baptist Church whose ‘hospitality department’ was truly ‘A’ quality! Our ever affable speakers…and to our dear evangelites who gave of their time and love for this endeavour!

Youth Spiritual Retreat Photo Gallery

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  1. Paulynne de Jesus

    We are also doubly blessed ourselves to have been part of this endeavor of blessing others!

  2. Wow! So blessed!
    We were also conducting something like this one. Cell groups at a High School. We’re praying that lots of youth be involved in this kind of gatherings than to be involved in other things.

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