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Evangel Tabernacle | April 22, 2019

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Transfers of Great Wealth

Transfers of Great Wealth

| On 05, Oct 2016

Proverbs 13:22 (Amp)- A good man leaves and inheritance [of moral stability and goodness] to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner [finds its way eventually] into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up.

V22b (KJV)- the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

Lately, there have been many scandals of money laundering.

RCBC president and CEO resigned in May 2016 in the wake of money laundering scandal –involving US$81 million stolen from Bangladesh Bank. Then one Malaysian Development Berhard scandal prompted the Monetary Authority of Singapore to shame banks engaged in money-laundering on July 25,2016. Singapore in May 2016 kicked out Switzerland’s BSI Bank over “gross misconduct” linked to 1 MDB.

What is money laundering? Money laundering simply put, is the process of transforming illegal money into legal money. It is literally cleaning and sanitizing (thus the term laundering) the money trail to legitimize criminally-acquired assets of cash. It’s actually illicit transfer of ill-gotten wealth.
There is also going to be another scandalous happening to God’s people where soon many of us shall see the wealth of the sinners being transferred to the righteous. Satan, the great tempter has succeeded in making many sinners of the world bow down and worship him. “All these [kingdom of the world and the glory of them] I will give to you; if you will fall down and worship me” (Matthew 3:11). The great wealth amassed by sinners will soon be “laundered” by God and transferred to the righteous people of God.

This morning, I would like to share a message entitled- TRANFERS OF GREAT WEALTH.

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Wealth transfers are not new. A number of wealth transfers have already occurred on the earth. History reveals that when God’s kingdom is being established on the earth, transfer of wealth has always gone with it.
Despite a near-tragic misunderstanding, Abraham was given vast wealth by Pharaoh (Genesis 12-13).

Despite famine in the land of the Philistines, Isaac obeyed God and sowed in the midst of drought. He “began to prosper and continued prospering until he became very prosperous” and he also received a great wealth transfer from Abimelech (Genesis 26).

He was given the wealth of his father-in-law, Laban (Genesis 31) because he had to have the “seed” for the beginning of an entire nation.

He received the wealth of a superpower called Egypt (Genesis 41).

As they left the land of Egypt, Israel was given great wealth by their captors (Exodus 3:19-22). Overnight, slaves became a mighty nation owing no man anything.

The great wealth of mean and churlish Nabal was transferred to David when Nabal died and David married his widow, Abigail (1 Samuel 25).

He was not only given the wealth of one nation but the wealth of all nations, eventually becoming the richest man on the planet because of God’s great power and favor (1 Kings 10:23)

God caused the army of Syria to hear a noise of horses, chariots and great army by the four lepers who walked in desperation towards the army of Syria. This caused the army to flee and leave behind enough wealth to bring Israel out of famine and an economic depression in one day (2 Kings 7).

King Cyrus and Dairus transferred great portion of their wealth to assist in rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem

The Word of God gives us four types of wealth transfer:

Like the Israelites leaving Egypt, Christians and churches will receive major gifts from individuals and secular organization to carry out their Christian mission.

E.g. In 2004, the Salvation Army received one of the largest gifts ever for a Christian ministry via the founder’s wife of McDonald in the amount of 1.5 billion US dollars.

God is going to give inventions to believers throughout the world and supernatural information that others do not know and this will generate wealth.

E.g. # 1- There was this believer in UK who had a burden to raise up orphanages and India and in other nations. However, her church was small and she didn’t have any start-up capital. So she prayed in tongues and sought the Lord. He gave her the idea of setting up a thrift shop. The store would collect discarded items and then would sell them. Predictably some in her family and church opposed the idea but she pressed ahead. God greatly blessed her endeavors and she was able to use the profit from that shop to support some orphanages. Now after several years, her organization runs many such stores throughout UK and the profits total more than a million dollars per year. They have built and support orphanages throughout many nations in Asia and Africa.

E.g. # 2- Then there is another young entrepreneur in Asia. God gave him the faith to believe for success in business. One day, the Holy Spirit prompted him to ask God for a gold mine. He asked and received. Today, he owns a gold mine that generates a good deal of money.

E.g. # 3 – There is another believer in Southeast Asia. She started out in ministry and then felt led to form a company with her husband. The company grew and became the largest of its kind in her nation. The last that was heard of them – they had sold their company at a huge profit and are setting up a fund to lend capital to aspiring business people in poorer countries. We need the anointing to unlock the hidden treasures. Those treasures are all around us. Now is the time for unlocking.

God will be empowering many marketplace believers to obtain wealth in the various business sectors so as to fund the kingdom purpose of God. Great treasures of darkness are hoarded by Satan in his storehouse. Matthew 3:11 encourages the believers today to bind the Strongman first before we plunder his treasures of darkness. The treasures of darkness include souls as well as the wealth of this world.

Recently, when I was back in Spore, God made us cross path with many marketplace Christians who know clearly the agenda of their profit-making businesses. They know it is for the purpose of funding the church, God’s servant and God’s cause. Some of the projects that we have had in this church are actually funded by marketplace Christians.

God recently gave me a revelation from Isaiah 23 concerning the calling of businessmen. In the Bible they are known as merchants of Tarshish.

Isaiah 23:1-5 – The burden against Tyre. Wail, you ships of Tarshish! For it is laid waste, so that there is no house, no harbor; from the land of Cyprus it is revealed to them. Be still, you inhabitants of the coastland, you merchants of Sidon, whom those who cross the sea have filled. And on great waters the grain of Shihor, the harvest of the River, is her revenue; and she is a marketplace for the nations. Be ashamed, O Sidon; for the sea has spoken, the strength of the sea, saying, I do not labor, nor bring forth children; neither do I rear young men, nor bring up virgins. When the report reaches Egypt, they also will be in agony at the report of Tyre.

To the north of Israel, TYRE was the leading city of Phoenicia, the great maritime power of the ancient world. Because it was such an important harbor and center for shipping, Tyre was synonymous with COMMERCE AND MATERIALISM.

Tyre was a city in two parts – an inland city and an island city. Tyre was a city where money ruled. But then the Lord purposed destruction and brought dishonor to the pride and glory of Tyre. The inland city was conquered by the Assyrians and the Babylonians just as Isaiah prophesied here. The island city was conquered later by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.

Tyre was a mixed bag for Israel. King Hiram of Tyre supplied David and Solomon great timbers for the building of the temple and other projects. Hiram gave Solomon sailors so Israel could build their commerce by the sea. But later Tyre gave Israel one of the worst rulers Israel ever had: Jezebel the wife of King Ahab of Israel.

After the destruction of Tyre, the city laid in desolation for 70 years (v15-16). After 70 years, God promised that Tyre would be remembered again. What was God’s purpose in restoring Tyre?

V17-18- And it shall be, at the end of seventy years, that the LORD will visit Tyre. She will return to her hire, and commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world on the face of the earth. HER GAIN AND HER PAY WILL BE SET APART FOR THE LORD; IT WILL NOT BE TREASURED [RSV=STORED] NOR LAID UP [RSV=HOARDED], FOR HER GAIN WILL BE FOR THOSE WHO DWELL BEFORE THE LORD, TO EAT SUFFICIENTLY, AND FOR FINE CLOTHING.

God would allow Tyre, symbolized by a prostitute, to continue her gross materialism with all the kingdoms of the world. But her gain and her pay would be set apart for the Lord. Ultimately the riches Tyre so desperately sought would be given to the Lord anyway. And the Lord dedicated this transfer of wealth from Tyre [marketplace people] to those who dwell before the Lord. The Lord would use this transfer of wealth to supply abundant food and fine clothing to His own people.

Just as Joseph was entrusted with the resources of Egypt to solve a societal problem resulting from a famine in the land, God is going to transfer money to believers who are solving societal problems.

E.g. Today Dr Kingsley Fletcher exemplifies this grace in an amazing manner. He is both a senior pastor of a church in North Carolina and a king of the nation of Ghana, calling forth change in society. There are many such statesmen and stateswomen whom God is raising up for such a time as this.

Many non-believers who are wealthy will become Christians in these last days and will begin to use their wealth for kingdom purposes.

I shared with you two weeks ago, that the dominion over all the earth was given to Adam and Eve but due to their agreement with the devil, the key of dominion over the earth was handed over to the devil. But Christ died for us on the cross and has managed to take back that key from the devil. Therefore, as sons and daughters of God, we have that legal right to command the wealth of the sinners to return to us.

We are the examples and forerunners of the Kingdom. The best way to preach the kingdom is for people to see the fruit of heaven manifest in us, through us and around us. It must be obvious for people to see “Thy Kingdom [Abrahamic prosperity] come upon us.”

God gave me a promise on 28 September 2016 concerning our church. I know this promise pertains to the regathering of the Jews in the last days but as I was waiting upon the Lord, the Lord spoke to me that the way He has gathered our scattered flock four years ago is in the same way as He will gather the Jews in the last days:- “On that day I will gather you together and bring you home again. I will give you a good name, a name of distinction, among all the nations of the earth, as I RESTORE YOUR FORTUNES BEFORE THEIR [OPPRESSORS] VERY EYES. I, the LORD, have spoken!” (Zephaniah 3:20 NLT)

On 25 September 2016, God gave me another rhema concerning the legacy of our people and our church – “Praise the LORD! How joyful are those who fear the LORD and delight in obeying his commands. Their children will be successful everywhere; and entire generation of godly people will be blessed. THEY THEMSELVES WILL BE WEALTHY AND THEIR GOOD DEEDS WILL LAST FOREVER” (Psalms 112:1-3 NLT).

The Bible tells us that we are living in perilous times and we can see the spirit of Antichrist everywhere. If money fails or if we have no access to it, God will provide for us even if there is famine and persecution. We can trust God for our provision.

Joseph and Mary were being lavished with wealth for baby Jesus by the Magi from the East. These Magi were not believers and yet God used them to make provision for the rearing of Jesus in Egypt while the family was in exile. This is another great biblical example of transfer of wealth from sinners to the righteous.

God wants us to live like kings because He is about to transfer the wealth of the world to His children.

Ecclesiastes 2:26 – For to the man who pleases him God gives wisdom, knowledge and joy but to the SINNER HE GIVES THE WORK OF GATHERING AND HEAPING ONLY TO GIVE TO ONE WHO PLEASES GOD.”

The lot of the believers given by God is to please him. When a believer pleases God, God gives wisdom, knowledge, joy and the wealth of the sinner. On the other hand, the lot of the sinners given by God is to gather, that is- work very hard and to heap, which is to save. But all these hard work and savings of the sinners are designated by God to be given ultimately to those who please the Lord.

We will preside over the wealth of the unrighteous.

God will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children in this season and the sons and daughters will run with the vision of their spiritual fathers. Normally leaders lead from the front but God is going to turn it around. The fathers will lead from behind and the sons and daughters will run with the vision and take on the mantle that was on their fathers.

There are nations that have never heard the gospel. In Matthew 24:14 Jesus states, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come.”

So much faith and vision have been generated in the interest of bringing CLOSURE to the Great Commission. Yet, there is an overriding factor that deters those taking the gospel to all nations. Statistics have shown that of all the missionaries going to cross cultural fields, only 2% end up in regions with no gospel witness. A conspiracy of supernatural proportion is taking place before our eyes. Only one force could possibly be behind this kind of opposition. Satan, who knows that only the COMPLETION OF THE GREAT COMMISSION will end his reign, will do anything he can to stop the gospel from advancing into areas of the Earth that have not heard. So, what can our enemy do to hinder the spread of the Gospel? Can He stop the anointing or call on individual’s life? No! Then what else would have the greatest effect of thwarting those on the front lines? LACK OF MONEY!!!!

The same tool Satan uses to cause men to bow their knees to him in the last day is the very mechanism he has used for two millenniums to deter the closure of the Great Commission. What is going to change this? A deeper revelation of God’s wealth and how He brings it to the hands of those who are spreading the Gospel to the final frontier.

God is going to transfer the wealth of the world and sinners to the hands of the righteous for the spreading of His gospel.

Whoever you are going to be in eternity depends on what you become on earth. While you are alive, use each and every moment to transform your world into one of blessings, prosperity, authority, health and healing.

The things that count for eternity are the only worthwhile things that we can do in this life. Since we cannot take any earthly wealth with us beyond this life, we are simply STEWARDS over that which we have been given on this earth. As stewards, we must be faithful to convert those things into something eternal by blessing those in need. Simply put, DO SOMETHING ETERNAL WITH EARTHLY WEALTH!!!!

When God transfers wealth to you, remember to use it well for His kingdom purpose because that will set your position in and for eternity. God doesn’t transfer wealth to you for you to indulge in your worldly passion but to invest for causes that have eternity in view.

E.g. There was this born again lady who was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs in its final stage. She was under insurance coverage for major diseases and with the medical proof of her cancer, the insurance company compensated her a lot for her terminal illness. But then she went for a healing crusade and God healed her there. The medical test showed negative for cancer. She was so happy and with this wealth that God had transferred to her from the insurance company, God expected her to use it to fund the building of the sanctuary which was ongoing at that time but she gave the church pittance and bought for herself a brand new BMW instead. Less than 5 months later, the cancer recurred and she died.

God transfers wealth into the hands of the righteous is primarily for the funding of His Kingdom purpose and businesses.

I asked Pastor Toh Nee what his imagination was after I shared on IDOLS last week. I thought his imagination was all about cars and the latest computer games. Pastor Toh Nee said no. He claimed that his imagination was how he would become rich one day and then use his wealth to propel the kingdom of God. Wow!!! That is the right motivation for having wealth.

The Lord gave me a few promises concerning this church and I am going to declare it to you this morning. It is up to you if you will believe it. If you will believe, you will be the benefactors of this divine financial blessing but if you won’t, then the words of this prophecy will drop to the ground.

“This is what the LORD says: “I will give Jerusalem [Etab] a river of peace and prosperity. The wealth of the nations will flow to her. Her children will be nursed at her breasts, carried in her arms, and held on her lap. I will comfort you there in Jerusalem [Etab] as a mother comforts her child.” When you see these things, your heart will rejoice. You will flourish like the grass! Everyone will see the LORD’s hand of blessing on his servants – and his anger against his enemies.” (Isaiah 66:12-16 (NLT)

“Lift up your eyes round about and see; they all gather together, they come to you; your sons shall come from far, and your daughters shall be carried in the arms. Then you shall see and be radiant, your heart shall thrill and rejoice; BECAUSE THE ABUNDANCE OF THE SEA SHALL BE TURNED TO YOU, THE WEALTH OF THE NATIONS SHALL COME TO YOU. A multitude of camels shall cover you, the young camels of Midian and Ephah. They shall bring gold and frankincense and shall proclaim the praise of the Lord…… For the coastland shall wait for me, the ships of Tarshish first, to BRING YOUR SONS FROM FAR, THEIR SILVER AND GOLD WITH THEM FOR THE NAME OF THE LORD YOUR GOD AND FOR THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL BECAUSE HE HAS GLORIFIED YOU……Your gates shall be open continually; day and night they shall not be shut that men may bring to you the wealth of the nations, with their kings led in procession. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; those nations shall be utterly laid waste……The glory of Lebanon shall come to you, the cypress, the plane and the pine, TO BEAUTIFY THE PLACE OF MY SANCTUARY AND I WILL MAKE THE PLACE OF MY FEET GLORIOUS” (Isaiah 60:4-13).

A few weeks ago, Jan asked for my devo that was written in May 2012. As I sent that devo that Jan requested, I began to read the devo that I wrote in the worst year of my life when I was betrayed, persecuted, maligned and slandered. There in one of the devo, God gave me a word and I penned down the prophecies, two of which are: the wealth of the nations would flow to etab and Iloilo City and etab would become financially prosperous.

As I look back, I realize that the prophecy for the wealth of the nations to flow into etab was fulfilled in November 2013 when Yolanda hit Tacloban and Panay and 1 million pesos from many countries were given to etab to go and bring relief to those towns that were destroyed by the typhoon. And Iloilo city now compared to 2012 is a much developed and prosperous city now. Financially now, etab is in a better position than 2012. Glory be to God.

“Rejoice with Jerusalem! Be glad with her, all you who love her and all you who mourn for her. DRINK DEEPLY OF HER GLORY EVEN AS AN INFANT DRINKS AT ITS MOTHER’S COMFORTING BREASTS” (Isaiah 66:10-11 NLT).


God will transfer the wealth of the nations and the sinners to those who please the Lord. Are you ready? Do you believe it? Are you willing to use this wealth for the sanctuary and the kingdom purpose of the Lord?



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