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Evangel Tabernacle | September 21, 2018

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Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

Sis. Ana Liza Eliang and family has been faithfully attending Evangel Family Church for about a year now. She happens to be the mother of one of our most beloved peerleaders, Lizmar Eliang.

Here is her story.

Ever since I could remember, I was never a religious person. I would attend church 2 or 3 times a year at the most even as a Catholic. When it came to my children, I never allowed them to attend any religious affiliations apart from Catholicism. I was truly ignorant of God’s ways.

It came to a point that when my son Lizmar found his niche in Evangel Family Church, I was against it. I thought him unwise to break away from our Catholic faith. Thus, I took all measures to prohibit him from attending. Times where when I refused to give him money for his school needs. I withheld food from him as well. Each time he left and came home from church, I would always give him a piece of my mind. There was even times when we locked him out of the house, refusing to give him dinner. Forcing him to sleep outside, and even hurting him physically if need be, just to prevent him from attending church. Yet, my son continued on regardless of our harsh treatment.

Then came the lowest moment of my life when I lost my husband due to a hypertensive crisis. The first time he was admitted to the hospital, doctors performed a craniotomy to remove the clot in one part of his brain. Unfortunately, after the procedure he went into a coma.

It was at this juncture that my family and Evangel Family Church became my source of encouragement. In his comatose condition, I remember Pas. Joseph and Pas. Yolly Preciosa constantly visiting and ministering to my husband. Their immense concern broke whatever hostility I had against the church. My son Lizmar, constantly encouraged me to call upon the Lord. And I was amazed at God’s provision when I opened my heart to call upon him indeed. The Lord was not slack in answering every of our needs during those darkest hours.

Eventually, the doctors advised another second operation. It was after this procedure that my husband passed away. Yet, despite the constant tragedy that struck my family, I found refuge through the prayers of the church, and the support of my family. There was a time that in my sadness, Lizmar approached me and said “Ma, don’t be sad. The Lord spoke to me in a dream and said ‘fear not, for your father is with me in heaven.’” It was so ironical that the very one I persecuted intensely, was the very one who encouraged me at my lowest moment. It was then and there that I decided to release my son to Evangel Family Church and His service.

In the weeks that followed Lizmar found the strength to invite me to the church. At first I was hesitant, but the moment I stepped into Evangel I truly sensed the presence of God. That day, I surrendered my heart and life to the Lord. Since that day till now, I have personally experienced God’s goodness. By God’s provision we were able to miraculously settle the P400,000 hospital bill incurred due to my husband’s hospitalization. Not only that, the insurance company servicing my husband released a certain amount as benefit, enough to send my children to college someday.

Now I see how God has been working in my family through all these circumstance. Presently walking in the newness of His love, I have set aside the sin that so easily entangles. I have vowed to become a good mother to my children as well. At the moment, along with my children we are worshipping and serving together at Evangel Iloilo as a family.

To God be the Glory!

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