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Evangel Tabernacle | October 21, 2018

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Rzone Encounter

Rzone Encounter

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Jul. 22 – 24, 2011
Trapiche, Oton
By Verona Faith Gambao

Our Rzone encounter was symbolically unique, as we were greeted by a tremendous downpour of rain from heaven. Yet, leaky roofs and all…God had something wonderful in store for our Rzoner’s!

At first, many of our tweens’ expressed their longing to transformed and renewed, and be touched by God. Despite of the hindrances just like the raging storm which seemed to have come at the wrong time. Yet, we pressed in and believed in what we know… that God really wants to do great things in their hearts, as young as they were. And as we earnestly sought God, He came and filled the hearts of those who eagerly expected Him

As we reached the end of the Encounter we began to notice a brighter countenance in their faces, and hear many of them testifying that they did not just learn, but realized that God had a plan for them and did a change in their hearts. As evidence of how God moved in their hearts, 46 took the step of water baptism, and 32 were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Not even the impending typhoon spoiled the work of revival, all were of one heart and spirit!

With this we honor and give all the glory to Him, who has made all things possible. And by faith we know that God will continue this work in their lives and use them to do mighty works for His kingdom!




It was at the Encounter that I felt God had forgiven me of my sins. I had such deep hatred and bitterness towards my mother who sold me away when I was just a child.  I grew up not knowing who my real parents were, and I blamed God for the circumstances of my life.

However, at the Encounter I felt God for the first time. Every time I went to the altar, I felt a heat come over my entire body, and I felt all sins and hatred washed away from my heart. I knew it was the Lord embracing me, and I felt so relieved to be set free from all my hurt and unforgiveness. In the following days I was able to forgive my parents for abandoning me. I realized that if not for these circumstances in my life, I would not have experienced God in this way. Still, I ‘am thankful that there is a God who never abandoned me. I love you Jesus!



I cry every time I remember how Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross for all my sins. After the Encounter I truly pray to God, that He will help me overcome all my sins and temptations. I want to stop sinning, I want to change and just live for Him. Thank you Lord for forgiving all my sins and giving me another chance, thank you for the love and forgiveness that has set me free!



When I was at the Encounter I felt God touch me in a special way. Everytime, I was at the altar and my mother prayed for me, I felt that God was forgiving me of all my sins. I was crying a lot at the altar, for I experienced God in a personal way. I felt Him cleanse me from all my sins through His forgiveness, and for that I ‘am truly thankful!



I thank the Lord for doing a work in my heart. I grew up not knowing who my real parents were, since I was given away when I was just a baby. Yet during the Encounter I felt God’s presence just complete me. I felt that God had answered all my questions and longings. I realized that though I was given away, still God is my heavenly Father above all, and He will never abandon me. I’ am also so blessed that at last, I was able to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and in water. This had been my desire for the longest time, Praise God!



At the Encounter I experienced God transforming me in such a powerful way. I was so convicted at how the Lord sacrificed His life for me on the cross. I realized I cannot continue living a sinful life, upon seeing how Jesus Christ suffered for all sinners to be saved. Now, I just want to live for Him, and pray that all sinners repent of their sinful ways, and turn to Jesus Christ!

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