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Evangel Tabernacle | October 21, 2018

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Raise The Crown

Raise The Crown

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And on the third day He rose again.

For this reason He was given authority and a name above all names, that many generations later…

every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. Easter is not only a time of reflection, but a time of reveling in the truth that He is RISEN… thus, resurrecting us with Him in like manner and power, that thru Him we may be called sons and daughters of the eternal God. It is all because of Easter…that this is so. Hallelujah!

As such, Evangel Family Church celebrated this most holy of seasons with an easter concert entitled RAISE THE CROWN… with a stellar cast comprised of both veteran and upcoming singers. It was an apt depiction of His death and resurrection, interpreted through songs…which truly brought to our minds and hearts the true essence of Easter.

Pas. Tohnee Lim gave a powerful description of the The Resurrection power that was able to withstand the clutches of death as evidenced by the empty burial clothes..and that is made available to all who look to Jesus, as their resurrected Lord!

Not only was there victory in our service, but in our attendance as well, with 1043 present who celebrated this easter season with us. Hats off to our Easter coordinator, none other than Pas. Lily Lim and her creative team for making this Lenten season… a truly memorable and victorious one.

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