In line with the New Thing God is leading our church into , Pastor Tohnee & Pastor Lily would usher in the move of the prophetic gifts as inspired by Lsbc during their 2 month internship.

The concept of being spiritual beings and therefore having innate sensitivity to God’s Spirit through our eye gate, ear gate and sense gate, wouldn’t be complete without it’s activation .

It is still an awe and a wonder how God poured out His Spirit upon us, such as He did at Pentecost; words are simply not enough to describe the magnitude of His outpouring !

80 among our leaders were activated in the spirits gifting … 80 whose numerical definition is ‘NEWNESS.’ Truly we are at the brink of a spiritual explosion such that our generation needs . Sunday saw the fulfillment of the book of Joel for E_tab. These are but a few testimonies , but let it suffice …

Pas. Carlyn Barcelona
At the altar during the second service I sensed the Holy Spirit leading me to certain individuals. The moment I laid my hands on them I received instant downloads regarding their present predicament, it was as if God made me feel what they were going through. God also gave me words of wisdom and compassion to speak regarding their situation , and these were members whom I weren’t particularly close to .

Juan Dayaon
It still amazes me how God works. After the activation class, I decided to stay the whole Sunday to see where God was at work. It was during the services that I sensed the Spirit single out to me people who were sick. As I came near them I would have physical sensations like headache, fever or difficulty of breathing. When I asked if they were experiencing these symptoms they wondered how I knew . During prayer I could sense God’s healing touch come upon them , many of them thanked me for the prayer and testified how they were relieved of their ailments. Best part is they were total strangers !

Angie de Jesus
At the altar during the second service God opened my spiritual eyes to see things beyond me. I saw in the middle of the altar where Pastor Tohnee was kneeling a huge, majestic being so bright and white . He was over the entire church , He spoke to me regarding the destiny of our church , and how He will use us in Great Signs and Wonders in this generation . The blind will see, the deaf will hear , the lame will walk!

Jocelyn Bernas
During the third service at the altar I felt the presence of God come upon me. I vividly heard Him speak to me to prophesy to the people , I was unsure what to do at first , but the Holy Spirit was so strong I was shaking all over. His words were being downloaded into my mind rapidly, I felt a burning in my chest and my mouth moved uncontrollably. It was as if His word had to be spoken , so I took the step of faith to release it. Its an experience I will never forget !