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Evangel Tabernacle | June 19, 2019

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Parenting Workshop with LSBC

Parenting Workshop with LSBC

| On 02, Dec 2015

Growing Kid’s God’s Way Worskshop with the Chok family, Tan family and Richard Chai

A detailed and biblically grounded series on family, marriage and how to raise up moral children in a generation where family is the least of its concerns. The family unit being the primary determinant in the outcome of an individual … even the society as a whole.

Day 1

So the question goes where to begin?

It starts with the marriage. In other words, a stable, loving and God centered marriage would yield well … stable, loving and Godly children. No wonder, one of the first institutions God mandated was marriage. It is primarily the bedrock of any family unit.

Day 2

Children often learn by example, ‘Child see, Child do,’ such is the premium placed on parents, Fathers in particular. The prevalence of a Fatherless society, with an insurgence of ‘alone parents’ or fathers who simply lack the moral fiber to raise a family is truly a social ill that needs addressing.

And what better way than to learn from God the Father Himself, and allow His Spirit to permeate ours. It is when He steps into our world that light dawns into our fears, uncertainties … and even our failures!

Day 3

The kiddies had their fun and games with Joan and the gang … sprucing up our TKC hall with Christmas ornaments just a week prior to December!

It was not only a time of ‘learning and unlearning’ but a time we all came together … daddies, mommies and kiddies … One big, happy family!

Much thanks to the LSBC team , with the comebacking’ Pas. Dong. After all, much insight, much searching of the heart = Good Parenting!

Children’s Hour

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