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Evangel Tabernacle | September 21, 2018

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Men’s Encounter

Men’s Encounter

As reported by Pas. Jessie Yu


June 24 – 26, 2011 are the days that will be forever engraved  in the hearts of many men of Evangel Iloilo.

Initially the men were stoic in composure, during the first sessions. They maintained this attitude of dignified silence, true to the saying ‘men don’t cry.’ In hindsight, even the altar call was uneventful, as if the men were still feeling their way through.  But when  Pas. Tohnee asked to be divided into groups, we were amazed to see how they testified in tears, and how God was slowly breaking the barriers of ‘machismo,’ and bringing down the mountains of their hearts through His Spirit!

Surprisingly on the session of the Father’s love, everyone no exception, broke down into tears. It was like all the men’s hearts were being pulled together by one string, as every single one of them wept before the His presence!



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Finally at the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, God did a deep work in the hearts of many men. Many were baptized, while some were shaking, one fell down under the power of God, and interestingly, one was endowed with the gift of prophecy. To the glory of God!

When the time came for them to respond to the call to service, to our surprise all responded to the vision of evangelism and discipleship. God indeed did this great work! It was a sight to see the men reading their Bibles every morning for their devotion. In fact, during the time we were packing our bags on Sunday afternoon about to go home, the guy that fell under the power was on his knees with eyes closed praying still, never bothered by the time nor the footsteps of them who were packing their bags. God came down and showed to us that men can be broken too and they can be mightily used too!


  1. Renan Astrolabio

    I’m so blessed sa Evangel Family Church hanggang ngayon God’s favor nandiyan parin. I believe that Evangel will have more souls ang madadala ninyo, God bless you all. Aja aja conquer the territory of Iloilo.

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