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Evangel Tabernacle | September 21, 2018

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Life Evangelistic Crusade 2010

Life Evangelistic Crusade 2010

OCT. 31 – NOV. 28, 2010
Through the month long evangelistic crusade, we saw life in all it’s entirety…oftentimes coming to the conclusion it just ‘ain’t worth living.’ However, our outtake on life takes a drastic turn when we look to the author of life. It is only then that our existence takes on new meaning and purpose.

Life Evangelistic Photo Gallery

  1. Life’s Turnaround
  2. Life’s Wrong Lovers
  3. Life’s Too Short
  4. Life Sucks

Life is to be lived to the fullest…in Christ Jesus. As such, Evangel Family Church portrayed the different facets of life, as depicted through songs and theatrical presentations put up by the five regions. Hats off to Pas. Lily for capably facilitating the entire evangelistic month…as well as preaching for 1 straight month…braving the constant power interruptions…to preach the word of God… a none too easy feat, but one she performed with  bravado.

Much thanks to all participants who gave of their time and talents, counting it all joy to serve Him in this capacity. As such, God did look upon us with favor, by giving us a harvest of souls, and along with that experiencing the joy of salvation with them…and assenting to the fact that it’s still a ‘Life worth living afterall.’

On the whole 228 new ones came to church, plus a total of 81 souls saved. To God be the glory!

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