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Evangel Tabernacle | September 21, 2018

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Ignite Testimony

Ignite Testimony



Truly, God is good all the time! I grew up in the church, and it was only after 17 years as a born again Christian that I first had an encounter with God. In this ignite I really felt God’s tangible presence flood my entire being. From the top of my head to the tips of my feet, I just felt God’s Holy Spirit abundantly pour out upon me non-stop! As I was trembling all over I heard God speak to me so clearly “YOU WILL BLOOM.” I just felt my heart flooded with joy, faith and love for God that moment!

Before the IGNITE I was so filled with bitterness towards my irresponsible Father. He was never a good testimony to our family; he would always put his vices and ‘barkadas’ above the needs of his
family. I had such an intense hate for him, but when I saw the video clip on the “sounds of hell” I realized then that that should my father die, he would be one among them screaming and agonizing in hell! I truly thank God that through the session on “forgiveness” I was set free from this rage within me, and I was able to release forgiveness and bless my father instead. Now, it is my desire to see my father transformed, I don’t want him to go to hell, and Jesus is the only way to heaven!

I felt guilty for being late for this Ignite session. Because I never thought that my boss would allow me to leave work at 8:00 am. I was so disappointed to miss the first part of ‘ignite.’ Nevertheless I was determined not to lose my peace and still come boldly though late, and experienced once again the touch of God. When the Holy Spirit scanned through my past and reminded me of all the people that I needed to forgive, I remembered so many people and all the hurt, and right at the same moment the Holy Spirit asked “have you forgiven yourself? You have been enduring that guilt, but now I tell you, you’ve been forgiven!” That day as so awesome, it was like a Spiritual Spa where you got to be released and just soak in the gentle presence of God!

I thank God for this divine appointment because I know He has something in store for me in the present and future life. God told me that my past was the training ground for the things that is yet to come, and He assured me that He has separated me from my past, as far as the east is from the west, and that I’ am now a new creation. I can now live my life in complete freedom by the ignition
of the Holy Spirit once again.

I felt very convicted by the session ‘life after death,’ I felt my spine crawl because of the awareness that hell is real. And that if I continue in my sins, I will be thrown into hell. Now my eyes were opened to the reality of eternity, and that I should live my life conscious of it. Praise God, that I was able to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and that I was able to speak in “tongues’ as a
result. Now, I feel so free, cleansed and empowered by the Holy Spirit!

I came to the Ignite because I wanted my spiritual life to be re-ignited by the Holy Spirit. Before this, I felt to dry and down spiritually just going through the motions of life. But deep down in my heart there is a longing for God to touch my heart once again, to rekindle my first love to him, to give me a new desire to pray, read his word, and hear his voice once again. To heal my hardened heart towards people who offended and hurt most. Above all, to live a life of purpose. Indeed, God answered the longing in my heart. As I reached out to God at the altar, I felt God’s presence once again. I felt his warm embrace as I knelt there. Somebody lay hands on me, and I felt an electrifying surge of His spirit upon me. Truly, this was what I had been waiting for all along.

Since birth I had been in church, but in my 17 years as a Christian I have never encountered the Holy Spirit. Though I desired for his touch there were so many hindrances in my life, so when Pastor Lily preached on worldliness, I related to the session because that was who I was, ensnared in the lust of the flesh and the eyes, and I was so convicted of my sins. At the altar, I came to God in repentance, there was such a hunger in my heart to encounter him, to be set free from these snares. And it was there that the Holy Spirit drew near and baptized me fire and I was able to speak in tongues!

Every session of the Ignite just spoke to my heart, especially on releasing forgiveness. I finally let go of unforgiveness and bitterness towards my husband who abandoned us for four years now. I also learned to forgive people who have sinned against me. In releasing them, I learned to bless them, that I too may be blessed. At the same time, a burden for the lost was kindled out of the different
sessions, for the many lost souls who are doomed, especially that of my brothers and sister who have not accepted Christ yet in their lives.

I was totally in fear, after I learned about the reality of Hell. But when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savoir, he gave me assurance of my salvation, and that I will be with him one day in heaven. I know the path to righteousness is a narrow one, especially for me who has been under earthly influences ever since. But when I learned to forgive, to repent of my sins and to live according to the will of
God, I can breathe easily, and I’ am now at peace!

I thank God that though this ‘ignite’ he indeed ignited my dry spirit and empowered me again with the Holy Spirit. After Pas. Tohnee preached about the “Presence of God,” I pressed in and insisted the Holy Spirit to some and fill me. I was longing for the spirit of God. And thank God, the spirit manifested himself to me by giving me sudden peace and assurance. It’s as if He’s speaking to me and telling me “Jean Claire hear I’ am, I won’t leave you. I will finish the work I
have begun in you. I ‘am you’re Father!” I just basked in God’s presence and was empowered again! The passion for bringing people to Christ came back, the excitement to serve God returned. I was also blessed that my friends were blessed. And that through ‘ignite’ my best friend is going to take the step of water baptism. All the glory to God!

Before I accepted Jesus Christ as my savoir, my life was filled with so much darkness, especially when my mother passed away. At that time I felt that God didn’t care about me. I felt God was distant and unjust to take away my mother. I constantly blamed God for every wrong turn in my life.  Though I was faithful in church service, still my life was full of problems, and I was full of animosity towards God. It was at the ‘ignite’ that I genuinely accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savoir, accepted his forgiveness, and from that point I felt a change in my heart. I was free at last.

What I experienced in the ‘ignite’ was just wonderful. It restored the personal relationship with God that I had lost for the longest time. Experiencing his presence once more bound old wounds and hurt, and I experienced such an inner healing. I was filled with the Holy Spirit once again and I felt the love of God burning inside of me. And I am longing for more from God. I want to learn how to share the word, and bring the touch of God to other people, and become a blessing to them. I thank God for everything the Lord just did in my heart during the ignite!

Since young I have been attending church. But somehow as time passed, I noticed my heart growing colder. More so after college, wherein I felt the word couldn’t impact my heart any longer. There was no conviction, and I forgot the last time I cried because I was touched by the preaching.  It came to the point that my heart was beyond any conviction.

Before the ‘ignite’ I knew I was falling away from God, and so I prayed and prepared myself for this, waiting in expectation for another touch. I want my hardened heart to be open to God once more. During the ‘ignite’ all I did was pray in the spirit. I didn’t understand what I was praying, but tears continuously flowed from my eyes. After such a long time, I felt the conviction of the word once more. I felt his spirit penetrate my hardened heart, and this is what I just so needed!


During the ‘ignite’ I was so convicted by the messages on ‘life after death,’ and was uplifted during the session on ‘the presence of God, I finally realized without a doubt that there is a God, his tangible presence just stilled any doubts and questions about his existence. In the past my mother and father forsook me, and I felt so alone all my life. After the ignite,  I realized that he was with me after all, and that despite of all my sins and shortcomings the Lord will take me up. He has forgiven and cleansed me. Now I know that the Holy Spirit is living in me, and will guide me every day. Everything in my life is new and all things are passed!


For so long I have been carrying a deep hatred towards my parents who have since separated. Life had been difficult and miserable as a result. I thought in my heart that my life was hopeless. But I thank God that through the ignite; I was able to release forgiveness towards my parents. As a result, I felt such a release in my spirit; God replaced my hate with peace and love. No longer were I hopeless, and above all I seeing a bright future ahead of me.


I’ve been attending EFC for 6 years. But what I experienced at the ignite was a definite first, and it left a lasting impact on my life. It was the very first time that I cried my heart out to the Lord. And after I released all my failures, hurts and disappointments, I felt such a release inside me. As I encountered the Holy Spirit I felt my whole body begin to shake, and as I continued to release forgiveness, the more I felt the Holy Spirit filling me and renewing me. The Holy Spirit convicted me that the more I held on to grudges and unforgiveness, the more that God could not bless me and my family.  So in that release I found my peace with God and with life.


I was struck by God’s unconditional love and pardon for people who are carnally minded like me. I just felt his awesome love and acceptance enveloping me. And His message was a message of HOPE for me, and that it is not too late to change and live a holy life, because God will be there every step of the way.

It’s the first time I ever attended such a session, and as I came before the Lord at the altar, I started to speak in words I could not understand. It was something totally new to me, until I got to understand that it was the Holy Spirit baptizing me. There was such a release in my heart after the ignite. Now, I definitely believe that there is a God!


Firstly, I belong to another religion, so when I was invited to the ignite by my friends I was kind of sceptical about attending another church, but I tagged along anyway. I never expected anything  good to come out of it, I’ m the type of person whose weak-willed and who easily gives up in the face of problems. Yet, when I felt God’s presence I could not help but respond to the Holy Spirit, and tears just flowed from my eyes, and I didn’t understand why at the moment, I just cried and cried. It was as if God came down, to make me feel that I’ am not alone, and he gave me hope for my life!


Since I was 12 years old, I was hooked to vices such as smoking and drinking, and many more. Yet, in reality I wasn’t happy. What’s more is that I found myself attracted to the same sex as me; I strongly believed I was a ‘guy.’ Though I felt a bit guilty about it, on the other hand I thought since everybody’s doing it, there’s no harm in it. Yet, there was such darkness in my soul, I couldn’t explain. I attended church, and even went to the Encounter retreat, yet I was unchanged and couldn’t get out of it. I thank God that in the end, he brought my sins to the light; I know his discipline was for a purpose.

During the ignite, I came before the Lord sinful as I was, and I was deeply humbled that God gave me hope, by giving me another chance to do right. Of all the times, I sinned against him, he never spurned me every time I returned to Him, and now I just want to give my life to him, and live for Him!


There was a time I felt like I didn’t have a place in this world. I didn’t know my purpose in life, nor why I was born in the first place. Outwardly, I give people an impression that all is well with my life, but deep down inside I know it was just a facade.

After the ignite, my eyes were opened to the reality of God so distinctly. It was such that I have never experienced before. I always thought of God as a distant entity, detached from the reality of life. Then through this move, I felt the presence of God in such a personal way, as a friend, a brother, a father, the Holy Spirit and the almighty God. I made him the Lord and King of my life, and I feel so blessed and privileged to have heard the Gospel, to have felt his presence. Now, I see the purpose of life, and that is to share Jesus to people, and for them to experience what I’ve experienced!


It was in the ignite that God spoke to me that I had a purpose in life and in this world. I was totally set free from my sins as I came to him in repentance. And despite of all my failures, he accepted me back nonetheless. I was so convicted by the session ‘life after death,’ the reality of hell struck me for the first time. We were all create by God for a purpose, thus, we shouldn’t gamble away our lives in sin. For the first time in my life, I felt genuinely born again, by the Spirit of God. As I felt his strong presence in every service, I released all the sins, unforgiveness and bitterness. I felt renewed in my inner man, and I’ am confident I’ am his child.


Through this ignite, God really touched my heart, and I experienced such peace of mind after deciding to forgive those who have done so much damage to me.

Tearing and disposing the paper, with the list of all the names of persons I hate and even plan to be avenged of them released my long time hatred, and I felt totally free again!


Through this ignite; God opened my eyes to see how fallen I was. I was controlled by the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh. My life was so entangled with the world, and after realizing how sinful I was through this ‘ignite’ I surrendered my life to God, and I’ am praying that as I give my life to him, He will give me the strength to remain steadfast in him.

I was also set free from unforgiveness towards my father, something I have been harbouring for the longest time. I have never felt his love, but when I opened my heart to God, I literally felt his love embracing me. And though I never felt the love of a father my whole life, I have God!


I was really touched by the message on ‘heaven and hell.’ I realized that I deeply wanted to make it to heaven someday, and that I utterly don’t want to end up in hell. I was surprised because tears suddenly fell from my eyes, and I couldn’t stop crying. I found myself gasping for air while crying. I can’t remember what it was exactly what made me cry; maybe it was the thought of seeing my family, friends and even I suffering eternally in the fires of the forever damned. I kept picturing in my mind the blazing inferno torching every inch of your being without halt and with no way out of it. I don’t ever want to see anyone I know end up there, and I don’t want to be condemned in hell either. That’s why starting this instant I am determined to reach out to my unsaved family and friends about the salvation of our God.


The experience at the ‘ignite’ was a first for me, and all I can say that it was awesome. I’ve heard so many preaching’s in the past. But experiencing the presence of God, in every session was what impacted me the most. I never experienced any open vision from God, but at the altar, God opened my eyes through how the devil seeks to take away my life through certain circumstances. I knew in my heart it was God, I just felt his awesome presence touch my life once more, and I truly know in my heart that he is real!


When I was 7 years old my father died, yet it did not end there, eventually my mother abandoned us as well. It truly has been a difficult life, and seemingly no hope in sight. For 15 years we fended for ourselves, yet through the ‘ignite’ I realized that God never abandoned us. Our loved ones can forsake us, but not God. As long, as we cling to God and believe in him, he will undertake for our present and future life!


Through this ‘ignite’ I learned that God really loves us no matter how sinful we are. I was so touched by his unconditional love and pardon. I was so far from God, but he gave me another chance to draw near to him once more. I was also set free from unforgiveness, and opened my heart to bless those who have hurt me the most. I re-committed my life to him after so long, I accepted him wholeheartedly, repented of all my sins, and I felt him totally set me free. I felt truly born again this time around, and by the power of his Holy Spirit I’ am a new creation!


I was so convicted on the message of ‘unforgiveness.’ For so long I have been under this bondage, yet through the ‘ignite’ I was set free from bitterness and hatred. I realized that unforgiveness is holding back the hand of God to bless me and my family. I fear that if I die with unforgiveness in my heart, I ‘m certain I will go to hell straight. I don’t want to go to hell. But I want to be free from the trap of unforgiveness, so that I can be bound for heaven one day!







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