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Evangel Tabernacle | September 21, 2018

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Collaboration of Ministry of Health Singapore Medical Team with Etab

Collaboration of Ministry of Health Singapore Medical Team with Etab

| On 19, Jan 2018

The new year celebration had scarcely ended when Etab was plunged into a four day (8-11 Jan) medical mission collaboration with the 17- member strong medical team from MOH Singapore.

It truly was refreshing to see two doctors from MOH – Dr Darren (Orthopedic surgeon) and Dr Synee (Internalist from SGH ) joining force with 15 scholars of MOH for various medical studies to penetrate 4 indigent communities of Iloilo – Barangay Balabago; Brgy Sooc, Longuingot Island of Estancia and the Negrettos community at Barotac VieJo.

The integrity, competency and famed rigorous training of medical doctors by Singapore medical institutions reached the ears of many community people resulting in an average of 140-190 Barangay residents flocking to the Barangay Health Hall daily for free consultation and medicines.

The 17-strong medical team was remarkable as to raise about 180k pesos for medicines through sales of creative handmade cards and other fund raising projects. The team though was having a cultural shock on the first medical mission at Brgy Balabago, picked up their momentum n adaptability as the days progressed and by the last day at Brgy Sooc – they were as fit as an ox n flowed smoothly with the crowd of patients, even playing with the community kids. What a contrast with the previous days of puking and diarrhea by 4 members of the team. Notwithstanding, it was touching to see the sick members, especially Dr Darren still bulldozing through the medical mission, undeterred by the weak physical condition.

Due to language barrier, the MOH team was aided by 15 volunteers from Etab in interpretations, not forgetting Dr. Edie Chua from CCF Manila – whose invaluable presence and practice enabled the medical mission to operate, as is required by the government of Philippines.

It is good to see young medical students having this zeal to sow their skills back to poor countries and communities.

Kudos to Vicky Tan – the leader and facilitator of this team.

Thank you for choosing Iloilo as the destination of your medical team.

Thank you for letting Etab work alongside with your team.

Thank you for paving the way for Etab to penetrate the communities with the gospel of Christ as a result of the medical mission conducted by your team!!!

God bless all of you!!

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