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Evangel Tabernacle | May 24, 2019

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4th Relief Operation

4th Relief Operation

| On 06, Dec 2013

Our 4th Relief Operation would be in collaboration with the Living Sanctuary Brethren Church Singapore. Forged by a simple message uploaded on our church website some few months back. A simple inquiry, would then foster a friendship, but more than that a beginning of sorts…and who would know that the recent ‘Yolanda’ calamity, would spark a partnership based on a common good.

God does work in mysterious ways however, it is in the light of such tragedy, that He would unite us together for a just cause. Well meaning individuals, would simply drop a line or two on our message board – unexpected aid during a time it was needed the most. Agape Baptist Church, under Rev. Guna Raman, who magnanimously sponsored our 3rd Relief efforts. Their selflessness, and compassion were God’s answer to these perilous times!

Off the coast of Estancia, were tiny isles whose calm, would feel the brunt of ‘Yolanda’, cowering under the 30 foot storm surge and relentless winds. It was a 15 minute journey by sea from the town proper – and one would imagine the scarcity of aid coming their way, considering the damages done to many wooden boats, their only mode of transportation. A small community of 250 peaceful dwellers, still reeling from Yolanda’s devastation, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow would bring.

Working as partners, side by side with the LSBC team was not only a first, but a rewarding one. Their humility and simplicity spoke tons. Their genuine compassion for others worth mentioning. They roughed it up, along with us – co-workers in Christ – not seeking special treatment, only the chance to serve. They simply lived out their beliefs – for all of us to see – and with absolute JOY at that!

After our fourth relief efforts, one would say we would have been used to the desolation by now…but it still pulls at our heartstrings. The Estancia isles, would be the first to experience the devastating effects of ‘Yolanda.’ With no other land barrier as protection, many among them were the first to be evacuated prior to the typhoon. Yet, most of the death casualties stemmed from these islands…those who chose to remain and guard their prized possessions. It is with a sad note, that we heard stories of these deaths. Yet, the living would have to forge on after such devastation. How to ever begin, was a nagging question…but the presence of HELPS was a comfort, an answered prayer in itself! Rebuilding lives is now the next phase…and God willing may we continue to share what we may, help what we can, to the glory of God!

(Arise Estancia)

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