By:  F.D. Peralta

For its yearly Christmas community blessing, Evangel Tabernacle (ETab) Iloilo has taken a new spin this 2017 by bringing PASTA PASKUA to five big underprivileged communities in Iloilo City—Lanit, Tanza Timawa, Bolilao, Balabago, and San Isidro Jaro. A total of 500 indigent families were blessed with a pasta package that can serve for a nice spaghetti that is a staple on every Filipino table on Christmas Day.

To usher in the joy of Christmastime, the five zones of ETab greeted the families with fun games that got not only the young but also the old on their feet with hearty smiles and laughters, warm hugs, and yuletide greetings bringing delight and glee to some weary souls. Also, some Rahabs, who are relatively new members won through the net cells and Community Penetration blessings of ETab, shared their story of their newfound relationship with Christ and encouraged the people to trust God for their situation.

Topping up this Christmas community blessing was the Christmas caroling in the tradition of the locals. Donned on their corporate shirt with red santa hat, DJ cell leaders and members sang their hearts out to the tunes and rhythms of favorite Filipino carols and Christmas classics that surely rekindled fond memories and reawakened in the people’s hearts the joy and love that Christ’s birth brings.

Christmas, indeed, is a time to love! And this Christmas ETab went the extra mile to love and extend God’s love to the community. To God be the glory for a successful Pasta Paskua and Community Caroling.

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