As Senior Pastors of Evangel Tabernacle, Lily and I greet all in Evangel Tabernacle and friends abroad a BLESSED NEW YEAR.

We are now into the New Year of 2016 -a New Beginning with so much opportunities. The theme for Evangel Tabernacle for the year 2016 is HONOR GOD, HONOR ALL MEN.

God has been tremendously good and gracious to our Church as a whole, especially for the last 3 years; thus the right thing to do is to HONOR GOD. We honour God by giving Him our best – in finance, time and talents.

As I serve and fellowship with God, He has been nothing but amazing. Therefore the appropriate response to our GREAT GOD is to honour Him. The second part is harder. It is so much easier to find fault and dirt in humans; because our shortcomings are many. We came from a culture that loved to criticize, gossip and belittle and even destroy fellow humans whether it was within the church or outside the church. We hope with God’s help to change this culture. We want to learn to honour men; appreciate and learn to find gold in each of them.

Much as we have taught to honour authorities and those who have worked hard, God is leading us as pastors to go further than this – to honour the weak and the unworthy. We were so focused on the performance of people that unconsciously we had turned our church into a corporate ladder, which is not biblical. Honor is a two way street. As senior pastors, we had been taught to teach members to submit to our leadership. But God has shown us that honour doesn’t stop here. The leadership itself involving us as pastors must also learn to serve the people and the congregation. This is a paradigm shift for Evangel Tabernacle where we want to be a servant leader and not an autocrat or a tyrant.

Even if a person has not done great deeds, we will honour them, respect them as creatures created by God. The will be the new DNA of Evangel Tabernacle; HONOR GOD, HONOR ALL MEN