Sept. 25, 2015

E-tab ventured into its first church wide Commission, in fulfillment of HIS Commission … wherein 50 Evangelites came together in full force, in full array to be God’s hands and feet … for a day!

Truly, awesome to see the body of Christ setting aside the holiday, to sow back to their fellowmen!

It may have been in kind, a touch, a prayer, a smile … over and above what we dole out in kind … was the compassion in Christ that truly made a difference to over 400 families!

Much thanks to the Kalibo team under Pas. Marlito and Maricel Bechayda, for organizing the said event!

Our fellow Evangelites, for being an integral part of this undertaking!

Our Senior Pastors, Pas. Tohnee/Lily Lim for braving the heat, crowd, jostling along with our fellow brethren … not to mention the delicious ‘cupcakes’ which made the almost 8 hour trip bearable … sugar rush that is!

To God be the glory!